Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I wanted a rooster, but I bought a hen instead

Several months ago I was in Ross and saw a metal rooster with a price tag of $15. I thought he was neat, but I didn't like his colors. I could have spray painted him when I got home, but I'd rather pay $3 and spray paint something than $15 and do it. So, I left him on the shelf. I've thought about him several times since then. When I'm back in the store, I go back to the home-goods section and look at the roosters. I still never buy one though because I can't remember if the ones they have now are the ones they had when he caught my eye. Plus, again, their colors are off - they are painted boldly and in various colors. I want a muted rooster (literally! I have a hard enough time liking my ipod alarm! hehe)

Yesterday, I was back in Ross looking for throw pillows - another post for another day. I went to say hello to look at the roosters. Still the same. Still the same price. So, I started to walk away when my eyes fell on a hen. At first I thought she was made of cast iron which was probably another reason she caught my eye. I picked her up and she was very light, so no. I turned her over and decided to bring her home with me.
She is guarding my "milk" atop my 'possum belly cabinet. Photobucket
And, even at $3, she's safe from a can of spray paint. I like her just the way she is! (Plus, she's quiet!) Photobucket

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