Thursday, February 9, 2012

Flair for Thursday

I'm not sure if it's the weather or my croaky throat and bad mood, but it doesn't seem like Thursday. Today has more of a Monday feel. I'm glad that it's not though. I'm ready for Saturday with no alarm clock singing in my ear at 6:40 and no rush to have everyone ready and out the door by 7:55.

It snowed last night. We only got about an inch of snow. It's already melting away with this lovely sun shining down on the 34 degree morning.
Everyone tells me this is so different than their last winter with two and three feet snowstorms that came through. It's funny that everyone who tells me about it changes the depth of the snow with each story. Nevertheless, I'm glad we aren't getting that much snow this winter. Not yet anyway. It could happen. Punxsutawney Phil in the spotlight of all the industrial lights and camera flashes saw his shadow (imagine that) and declared six more weeks of winter. Most people around the country are just waiting on winter in general as its been so mild in most places.

These guys would prefer spring and summer though! They are spoiled and prefer to hibernate indoors in the winter. Sam does enjoy the snow. He'll run through it and play. Barney hates it. He acts like it's thin slivers of glass that will cut his feet since he's forced to go outside and take care of business. Business is short these days. They much prefer indoors in whatever spot the sun is shining in on the carpet. It's a good thing Phil wasn't in our backyard. They might have chased him back into his hole before he had a chance to look around for his shadow!

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