Friday, February 24, 2012

The bunnies and a cat

I love my McCarty bunnies. Maybe I'll post about them another day. Today, I wanted to share the cat planter with you.

Roo has always been a cat lover. I guess he gets that gene from G-Dub because I don't have it. When G-Dub and I were shopping for plants and pots for our balcony in Korea, Roo decided he needed his own plant and a special pot to go with it. In comes the cat pot. I love the cat pot. I hope that when he grows up and moves out that he forgets the cat pot is his!

I don't remember what we had in it in Korea. But, I do know I've tried two other things since being back in the states. Well, first Roo nixed my idea for the African violet. Then we put a succulent (hen and chickens) in there which met its demise not long after. We were in the store the other day and I told him that we needed to find something to add to his pot. We found this fern and agreed on it.
I really hope this plant lasts because I like the tufts of crazy cat hair look it provides.

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