Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ornament Exchange

I've been a part of an online scrapbook forum for nine years. We "met" as fellow scrapbookers, all brought together by our love of this particular hobby. Though some of us aren't adamant scrappers any more, we still have daily contact on the forum because over that period of years, we've all become close friends. These ladies know more about me than most people I've met in real life. With all of our moves, I never seem to worry about being alone with the move because I know my Scrap-Chat girls will be with me wherever I am. I first "met" them when I was in Korea the first time, back in 2002. They went back to Alabama with me, moved to Kansas with me, went to Korea with me and are now with us in New Jersey. My mil asked me not long ago if I ever got lonely (this was when I was here alone with the boys, before G-Dub arrived.) I said no, I have contact with my friends online. And with that, I was including my Scrap-Chat friends. Some of these ladies, I've met in real life at weekend get-a-ways we've attended. A couple of them came to visit me in Kansas while Gary was deployed. Some of the ladies, I've never met, but they are on my someday list. I'll meet them someday.

During the years we've known each other, around the holidays, we participate in an ornament exchange. I enjoy putting my tree up each year and looking at the various ornaments, remembering where I purchased them or who gave them to me. My Scrap-Chat ornaments are some of those special memories because I always think about who my partner was the year I received that one.

This year, I shopped for Flo. Flo and I have been playing Words with Friends via our iPods for what seems like forever, but in reality is probably just over a year. Flo is a bird watcher, so I knew when I got her name that I wanted some type of bird ornament or nature ornament that would fit her personality. I found the bird theme, but then I was browsing Pinterest one night and saw these: DIY Christmas Ornaments

I knew I had to make one for Flo. So, I got busy using tiles and a tray from a Scrabble set I'd recently purchased for $2 at a yard sale. This was my finished ornament which I included in Flo's package. Since she has received it, I can now post about it!


  1. I just think it is the cutest darn thing! It has a place of honor on my tree :) I have to admit that I LOL when I opened the package, and now I'm wishing I had kept those Scrabble sets we got rid of years ago because there were missing letters.


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