Thursday, December 1, 2011

Mixing it up!

I don't think I've made homemade Chex Mix but maybe once in my life. My mom always made it for the holiday season. I made it with a friend once and we shared it between our families. We cheat a lot and buy the bagged kind. I decided recently that making my own would be a nice change. So, a few nights ago, I got busy and made a double batch. Teen14 walked in and asked, "Why would you want to make your own Chex mix?" and I had to age myself a bit and admit that you couldn't always just go buy it in a bag at the store. Chex Mix used to be a special treat for the holidays. Wow... one more way times have changed!


  1. I've been thinking about making some myself, must be the time of year it is. Just remember, these kids have never seen a black and white television either!

  2. Isn't it better than what you buy? I haven't made it in years either, but have always loved it.


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