Saturday, December 3, 2011

Mississipp Santa

As I was unpacking Christmas items the other day, I realized that I hadn't seen some of my Christmas things in three years. Count the two Christmases we spent in Korea and then the lapse of time between Christmas and when we put everything into storage. The more I unpacked, the more I found that I hadn't seen or unpacked since we left Alabama! Our Kansas house was small, so I didn't always decorate with all that I have accumulated.

Along the way, I'd let some things slip my memory. For the longest time, I've collected Santas. I have a good collection of Santa ornaments and a collection of Santa figurines as well. I came across one box that I didn't recognize. You know how you pack the same thing in the same box for years on end and though it's an alarm clock box, you know that inside are the red and green wood blocks that spell out "Merry Christmas". What? You don't do that sort of thing? lol Well, I came to a box I couldn't place after a few years. I was delighted to find/remember my Peppertown Pottery Santas inside. Peppertown Pottery wasn't far from where my parents live. A lady made and sold pottery for years. Anyway, at one point, Mom saw these Santas and thought of me, so picked them up for me. :)

My Mississippi Santa

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  1. How cool to come across buried treasure's Gwen!


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