Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hoho... huh?

Yesterday, we went to NYC for our first visit. (There will be more to follow! We're within two hours with traffic so it's not a bad trip at all.) I'll tell you more about it later or share pics on the blog. But, I wanted to share this while I'm taking a break from writing my final reflection paper for my class. *yuck*

When we were walking around the city, we noticed quite a few people dressed as Santa. Some were in groups walking among the crowds.

At first, I thought, oh, that's cute, what holiday spirit they have. But, the later it got, the more Santas we saw who had been sipping on the spiked eggnog. We joked about the drunk Santas. Then, more and more of the Santas we saw were very jolly! Some in the bus station were already sleeping it off by 7:00pm. We were still a little clueless about the whole deal, just thought it was funny. On the radio on the way home, the deejay mentioned SantaCon which was suppposedly started as Santas bringing two non-perishable food items to the starting point. Do not bring toys to donate, but drink at bars that are donating to Toys for Tots! According to the website, it's a worldwide thing and gets a whole lot of "adult only" in some cases.

I was glad we just saw the inebriated Santas and nothing else.

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