Thursday, December 15, 2011

Checking things off the list

This time of year, there are all sorts of lists being made and checked with items added or items checked off. There is Santa's list, too. Lists everywhere.
This past Saturday, our list of concern was our Bucket List. Do you have a bucket list? Are you making progress with checking things off of your bucket list? One of the things that has been on my bucket list before I ever actually knew what a bucket list was has been "See New York City during December with all of the holiday decorations and displays." Saturday, we checked that off the list!
This small day visit just gave us a taste of the city. The crowds were crazy and there was a chill in the air, but we can't wait to go back and explore more! (and check something else off the bucket list. (like a show at Radio City Music Hall...)

Being so close to NYC and other large east coast areas was what appealed to us about this assignment. We knew that by choosing to come here, we'd be able to take in all this area has to offer! So far, so good!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hoho... huh?

Yesterday, we went to NYC for our first visit. (There will be more to follow! We're within two hours with traffic so it's not a bad trip at all.) I'll tell you more about it later or share pics on the blog. But, I wanted to share this while I'm taking a break from writing my final reflection paper for my class. *yuck*

When we were walking around the city, we noticed quite a few people dressed as Santa. Some were in groups walking among the crowds.

At first, I thought, oh, that's cute, what holiday spirit they have. But, the later it got, the more Santas we saw who had been sipping on the spiked eggnog. We joked about the drunk Santas. Then, more and more of the Santas we saw were very jolly! Some in the bus station were already sleeping it off by 7:00pm. We were still a little clueless about the whole deal, just thought it was funny. On the radio on the way home, the deejay mentioned SantaCon which was suppposedly started as Santas bringing two non-perishable food items to the starting point. Do not bring toys to donate, but drink at bars that are donating to Toys for Tots! According to the website, it's a worldwide thing and gets a whole lot of "adult only" in some cases.

I was glad we just saw the inebriated Santas and nothing else.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Wreath Re-do

I didn't take my Christmas wreaths with us to Korea and I missed them! When I opened the boxes where they'd been stored, I was relieved to see they were still intact and still looked pretty good. But then that "If you give a mouse a cookie" feeling started stirring in my brain. I decided the front door wreath needed a revamp.

The Quickutz snowflakes I'd worked so hard on a few years ago were looking a little not so great. And the items looked small scale to me. Plus, my red berries painted silver were turning back to red. I wanted umph and wow or at least a little more pizzazz on my wreath. And as it was, my wreath had no WOW or Umph!

So, I got to work. I removed everything and relunctantly threw away my Quickutz snowflakes. I pulled some snowflake ornaments from the ornament box and attached them. Making the cut to remain on the wreath were the white balls, the small metal snowflakes and my "Let It Snow" metal wreath sign. I bought new ribbon at Lowes for tying a new bow. I even included some mesh ribbon for sparkle in other parts of the wreath. When shopping for my ornament buddy, I found the white snowbird and decided I needed one of those too. He is perfect perched on my snow wreath. When all was attached again, I called it done.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ornament Exchange

I've been a part of an online scrapbook forum for nine years. We "met" as fellow scrapbookers, all brought together by our love of this particular hobby. Though some of us aren't adamant scrappers any more, we still have daily contact on the forum because over that period of years, we've all become close friends. These ladies know more about me than most people I've met in real life. With all of our moves, I never seem to worry about being alone with the move because I know my Scrap-Chat girls will be with me wherever I am. I first "met" them when I was in Korea the first time, back in 2002. They went back to Alabama with me, moved to Kansas with me, went to Korea with me and are now with us in New Jersey. My mil asked me not long ago if I ever got lonely (this was when I was here alone with the boys, before G-Dub arrived.) I said no, I have contact with my friends online. And with that, I was including my Scrap-Chat friends. Some of these ladies, I've met in real life at weekend get-a-ways we've attended. A couple of them came to visit me in Kansas while Gary was deployed. Some of the ladies, I've never met, but they are on my someday list. I'll meet them someday.

During the years we've known each other, around the holidays, we participate in an ornament exchange. I enjoy putting my tree up each year and looking at the various ornaments, remembering where I purchased them or who gave them to me. My Scrap-Chat ornaments are some of those special memories because I always think about who my partner was the year I received that one.

This year, I shopped for Flo. Flo and I have been playing Words with Friends via our iPods for what seems like forever, but in reality is probably just over a year. Flo is a bird watcher, so I knew when I got her name that I wanted some type of bird ornament or nature ornament that would fit her personality. I found the bird theme, but then I was browsing Pinterest one night and saw these: DIY Christmas Ornaments

I knew I had to make one for Flo. So, I got busy using tiles and a tray from a Scrabble set I'd recently purchased for $2 at a yard sale. This was my finished ornament which I included in Flo's package. Since she has received it, I can now post about it!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Mississipp Santa

As I was unpacking Christmas items the other day, I realized that I hadn't seen some of my Christmas things in three years. Count the two Christmases we spent in Korea and then the lapse of time between Christmas and when we put everything into storage. The more I unpacked, the more I found that I hadn't seen or unpacked since we left Alabama! Our Kansas house was small, so I didn't always decorate with all that I have accumulated.

Along the way, I'd let some things slip my memory. For the longest time, I've collected Santas. I have a good collection of Santa ornaments and a collection of Santa figurines as well. I came across one box that I didn't recognize. You know how you pack the same thing in the same box for years on end and though it's an alarm clock box, you know that inside are the red and green wood blocks that spell out "Merry Christmas". What? You don't do that sort of thing? lol Well, I came to a box I couldn't place after a few years. I was delighted to find/remember my Peppertown Pottery Santas inside. Peppertown Pottery wasn't far from where my parents live. A lady made and sold pottery for years. Anyway, at one point, Mom saw these Santas and thought of me, so picked them up for me. :)

My Mississippi Santa

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Mixing it up!

I don't think I've made homemade Chex Mix but maybe once in my life. My mom always made it for the holiday season. I made it with a friend once and we shared it between our families. We cheat a lot and buy the bagged kind. I decided recently that making my own would be a nice change. So, a few nights ago, I got busy and made a double batch. Teen14 walked in and asked, "Why would you want to make your own Chex mix?" and I had to age myself a bit and admit that you couldn't always just go buy it in a bag at the store. Chex Mix used to be a special treat for the holidays. Wow... one more way times have changed!