Friday, September 2, 2011

Such a sad, sad day

I've had these $10 flip-flops from Target for probably four or five years. I have loved the life out of them.
They had been with me on ventures in Kansas, South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado,
Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Korea, the Philippines, and Hawaii.
They had even helped me start out here in New Jersey.
But, one wrong step stumble UP the step from the garage the other day resulted in the death of my favorite flip-flops.
To say I was mad, sad and irritated would be the understatement of the week! But, I was!!
I began to feel the effects of separation anxiety (haha, get it? Separation anxiety? They separated? ha... ok, fine!)
Seriously though? I was mad!

I replaced them today with a more narrow and a little prettier pair which actually have a bit of arch support. But I'm not sure they'll be my 'don't care, just grab and go anywhere' flip-flops like these were. So, maybe I will have some separation anxiety after all.
It really was hard to put those dirty babes in the trash can and say goodbye. :(

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  1. I felt the same way when my favorite sandals died, and I haven't found a pair to truly compare with them. RIP favorite sandals!


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