Friday, September 23, 2011

'Shrooms, Part Deux

What a difference a day makes!

It's been raining non-stop since sometime during the night. Have I mentioned how tired I am of rain? Not complaining, just sort of tired of it. It's rained so much since we moved here! Thankfully, many of the floods in the state that resulted from Hurricane Irene were nowhere near us.

I glanced out the window earlier to look at the mushrooms from yesterday's post. Ack, they've changed colors! Maybe from the rain? Isn't it funny that the rain is probably one of the reasons I have mushrooms all over my yard and yet, look at the influence it has had on these mushrooms from yesterday post.

It's really kind of gross. But, cool in a weird science sort of way. Sorry in advance, Shawnda! ;)

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  1. So amazing...and yet so GROSS!
    (I am not a mushy-fan LOL!)


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