Monday, September 26, 2011

Renewing old friendships

When we chose to go to Korea, we made the decision not to take Sam and Barney with us. The boys were ok with not having the dogs with us. And, I'll admit that it was nice since we were on the fifth floor of the apartment building. I saw many people with their dogs in the elevators making the multiple times a day trip down to take the dogs for their potty break. I was thankful on more than one occasion that it wasn't me. I'm more of an "open the back door and let them out kinda girl". I think the boys are too. So, Korea was just easier without the buds.

They were definitely happy to see us when we arrived in Mississippi in July though. It took a second for it to register with them who we were, but from that point forward, it's been like we were never apart.

Lil Man seems to be enjoying them the most out of all of us. He gives them the most attention and love which they respectfully endure whether it be good attention in the form of loving or annoying attention in the form of nine year old boy attention and play.


  1. awww...what a fabulous pic, Gwen. Your "buds' look very happy to have their boy/humans back!

  2. Love this picture!!! SOOOO precious. I couldn't stand to be apart from my babies for that long.


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