Friday, August 19, 2011

Skimmer Swimmer

I've been saying that over and over in my head for the past five minutes.
"Skimmer Swimmer. Skimmer Swimmer. Skimmer Swimmer. Skimmer Swimmer. Skimmer Swimmer. Skimmer Swimmer."
Now, you try it. lol

This sort of has to do with the August Photo Challenge. And it sort of has to do with just an opportunity to shoot a photo today.

Day 19 - Where I Slept is the topic for today. But, I'm straying just a bit. This guy DOES have to do with my sleeping though! Since moving into the house last week, I've had to learn to fall asleep listening to the frogs croaking out by the pool. Today, while we were swimming, I spotted him under the liner cap. Teenager trapped him in the skimmer so I could run in and grab my camera to shoot him.
I shoot another of him trying to escape. Can you see that bit of orange on the underside of his legs? He is an interesting frog.
His colors were so cool and neutral on top with that flash of orange on his underside.
Then we were good and let him go. I was tempted to do otherwise though so my sleep would be more peaceful. :D

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