Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 2 - What I Wore

This is not a traditional or trendy post showing what I wore today. When I saw this challenge, I decided to pull from the past. And while here at Mom's, why not see what's still around?;)
I dug this out of my mom's cedar chest for this photo. It's the pink lamé dress I wore to my senior prom in 1988. "Totally 80's" I blame this dress on my not so girliness of the last twenty years. I don't wear pink and don't do bows. Add the poofy skirt and I think the few hours in this dress was enough to last me a lifetime. ;)

And just for good measure and since someone on Facebook asked to see it, I'll share a couple of photos from way back when of me in the dress. I had them saved online from sharing a few years back. Oh to be even close to that skinny again. LOL
Yes, that would be the young, blonde G-Dub in the back row with his date who had on the same style dress, just not in the cool lamé fabric like mine. ;)


  1. Thanks for sharing. You look like you don't like your date very much sitting with your back to him. You look great in the dress. I am surprised it wasn't RED. But back then pink was in.

  2. You looked STUNNING back then!!! Not that you don't look stunning now but WOW!! Somehow you made that dress work!

  3. Oh the 80's!! Gotta love them! Looking good then but as Tamalyn said you are stunning today!


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