Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Behind in many ways

I took a little detour from the Photo Challenge as we were moving or driving or yeah, moving. We made it safely to our new home and are impatiently waiting on our furniture which was supposed to be here last week. Sigh... always something.

In the meantime, I'm learning my way around and figuring out the hows and whys and wheres of this area.

I'm also learning how to remove mold from shoes. Yuck... As I was sitting out on the deck washing some of the shoes from one of the boxes from our air shipment from Korea - one that got wet and had moldy shoes in it, I started thinking about the things I never thought I'd ever do, but have done. Cleaning moldy shoes was at the top of the immediate list. LOL

I decided this pair of G-Dub's Doc Martin boots would just have to be the one thing I claim on the damaged goods/shipment report. I'm not cleaning that - not touching it! Besides, the mold is inside these boots whereas it was only on the outside of the other shoes.

While I was sitting there looking at them, I decided the moldy spots would be a good subject for Photo Challenge Day 12 - A CloseUp.

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  1. Ick. lol

    And yes, that was the stove we put in during the remodel. Kind of scary.


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