Thursday, July 21, 2011

Do you have an interest in Pinterest?

While being here at Mom and Dad's house, I haven't had a whole lot of responsibilities. Mom works and Dad is outside a lot in the garden or around the yard. The boys are gone camping with the other grandparents this week and G-Dub is already gone for work. So, what could I do with myself? Spend some time online, of course!

I decided to check out Pinterest which I'd heard other people mention and which I'd actually even visited a few times when I followed someone's link to something they pinned and shared on Facebook.

Pinterest is basically like an online bulletin board where you can "pin" ideas that you find online for easy reference later. I've spent a few hours this week setting up boards and pinning some ideas which I might go back later and revisit or not. But, they will not be lost forever in the recesses of my mind because I pinned them! :)

My Pinterest is: Gwen's Pins So far, I've been adding recipes, craft ideas and house ideas.

Now if I could just remember all the things on blogs I've seen in the past that I thought were such cute ideas, I'd go back and pin them. But, well, my memory isn't that great!

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  1. I heard about Pinterest a few weeks ago, and though I've visited to take a peek, I haven't done much else.

    I'm not sure I need one more thing to tie me to the computer. lol

    I've started to 'unplug' a bit, as I've noticed other people doing, but I still spend too much time 'browsing' websites and blogs. lol


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