Monday, March 14, 2011

For the birds

I put aside St. Patty's Day and Pi Day and have focused on the thought SPRING IS COMING! Oh sure, it's crazy cold with the wind today and the temps in the 30's, but I can still think of spring, right?

I'm so not a flowery girl. Most of you who know me personally know I'm rather flighty at times. So, when thinking of what to replace the Valentine hearts with on my little metal tree, I opted for birds.
I found a template online and altered it to suit my needs, then chose coordinating papers from my scrap cabinet and got to work.
I also added some beads to the ends of a few branches as a bud for the blooming of spring.
  I replaced the red ornaments from Valentines with the silver ones that I'd put away with the snowflakes. All in all, I love it all over again!


  1. Love the bird tree! Very creative! :-) and yes--spring is coming!

  2. I love these birds...they're so pretty without being too cutesy (i.e. pastel haha)


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