Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I took this photo for a challenge of "photograph something around your home". Since these are new to me and my home, I snapped some shots of them.

There's an antique store not far from here that sells Korean and Chinese antiques. Part of their stock is Chinese calligraphy brushes. I saw some of the brushes when I was there and loved, them but wasn't sure I "needed" them. It wasn't until I saw another friend's set and display while at her home in December that I decided I did need them. Ok, well, want. I wanted them.

Another friend was going to China during Christmas break, so I convinced her to look for me some Chinese calligraphy brushes STRAIGHT from China, not straight from a Korean antique store. Hey, it all goes back to me and my love for things with a story, ok, so bear with me. ;) China visiting friend found calligraphy brushes for me and I set up my display recently.

So, my story about the brushes will be.... well, you've already read it. ;)


  1. Deb (SIL) would love these. She has several and actually uses them for calligraphy.

  2. Tgese are really neat. The handles are very cool and they'll always have a story, no matter where you all go :)


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