Friday, December 10, 2010

It wouldn't feel right

if I didn't share my Little Metal Tree decorated for Christmas. :D In the past, I've used silver and red balls for Christmas. Last year after Christmas, I took the red balls off and replaced them with snowflakes for the month of January. This year, I decided to go for overkill and put all three on there! Silver balls, red balls and snowflakes from the get go!

I love it!

Backing off...
I've had those reindeer since the 80s when Burger King was selling them. They are Hallmark company, but for reasons I can't remember, they were a BK item way back when.
And, for good measure, the overall view I see when I walk in the door of the apartment. :)

Ah, this is Christmas...


  1. I do love that tree!

    I recognize those reindeer. Rodney and family. lol We had a couple of them, which we did buy at an actual Hallmark store, but they're long gone. My inlaws still have theirs, and I noticed the other day while in Hallmark (the first time in years that they are selling them again.

  2. That is totally not overkill. In fact, I love it very much. As I already stated on the facebook. It looks great :)


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