Monday, November 8, 2010

Busier than...

Not letting busy get me down...

Have you ever heard that expression "Busier than a one legged man in a butt kicking contest"? LOL I don't know where I heard it. It's certainly not something I've ever really said and none of my family ever said it. For some reason, I keep thinking of Jilly Bean when I think of it. hmmm...

Nevertheless, I've felt like that a LOT recently. Our schedules have consisted of:
Sunday - church
Monday - school for the boys, school for me as I'm the temporary teacher for a third grade class (patiently awaiting the newly hired teacher from the states to arrive.) and work for G-Dub.
Monday night - soccer practice for The Teen
Tuesday - school and work
Tuesday night - Scouts for both boys
Wednesday - school and work
Wednesday night - soccer practice for The Teen
Thursday - school and work
Thursday night - soccer practice for Lil Man
Friday - school and work
Friday night - mostly free unless we are invited to a function which has been the case for most Friday nights lately
Saturday - filled with soccer games at various times for both boys
Saturday night - take me out to eat cuz I'm too tired to think about dinner
Sunday - start the cycle all over again.

Geez. Geesh. Wow...

Needless to say, the blog has been ignored a bit lately. Sorry about that. We're alive and kicking though. And thankfully, we still have two feet and no contest in the future. ;)

We do have one final soccer game though this weekend up in Seoul. Then, we'll be able to get a break for a while. Yay!

*No Lil Man was harmed in the photo above. He was just being goofy and I thought it was a neat shot when I was going back through my photos from last Saturday.