Thursday, September 9, 2010

First day of school pics

School officially started LAST Monday, but I'm just sharing the first day photos with you.

As many of you know, we've homeschooled for the past four years, so public school this year is a change. It was time for a change. When I began homeschooling four years ago, it was because I was unhappy with the public school situation. I never planned to school the boys all the way through to high school graduation. I looked at homeschooling as what was working for us at specific times and with our different situations. I always said, "If I'm not happy with the teacher, I can only blame myself."

Moving to Kansas was a transition period. We had planned to leave that area and be lead back to south Alabama where we'd settle down and the boys would start school. The Army had different plans as is obvious in the fact we're now in Korea rather than Alabama. Last year, with the transitions of selling houses, visiting family, moving across the world, homeschooling and staying on schedule was hard. Adjustments were hard. We trudged forward with our schooling though and tried to not get discouraged. There were many days I questioned myself and questioned what form of education the boys were getting with me as their teacher. Oh, sure, you will always do that no matter who your childrens' teachers are. But, it all led back to what I'd told myself all along... if I started to question it too much, it was time to put it into someone else's hands.

Living here in the apartment complex, we're surrounded by children. The boys have made many friends and were excited about going to school to be amongst their friends. Dev was more excited about the whole process than Roo. They have both adjusted well so far.

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  1. I hope they enjoy going back to school, and that you're happy with the situation as well.

    Great pictures. Devon looks so grown up!


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