Thursday, May 27, 2010

Turning forty

Hmm, funny how I used to think that number sounded old. It's like any other number and the thoughts are just a matter of perspective, right?

I had a great birthday (week!) and am delighted to move into this next phase of my life.
(climbing up the hill... since forty is not over it yet. ;) )


  1. Oh Gwen - I am so glad I stopped
    by today.

    Happy 40th, my friend. You
    don't look a day over 20!! :)

    I hope you had a wonderful,
    wonderful Day!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Gwen!

    I've so lost track of everyone. I knew your day was coming up but couldn't remember exactly when, and I no longer have your mailing address.

    Love that picture of you with the '40' sign.

    Forty isn't so bad once you get used to the idea. lol

  3. Btw, is that a big chocolate chip cookie?


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