Thursday, April 1, 2010

The PEEP-le in our neighborhood

I saw this idea on a blog somewhere. When I went back to look for it, I couldn't find it, so Roo and I just went with the idea on our own. I had thought he'd like to make these because he enjoys being crafty and creative. I was right. :) The above is his creation. And this one is mine. Preteen would have no part of any peep house building. *rolleyes*

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  1. That is really cute!

    I think we're going to let Easter pass us by this year. It has not been the best week. Early on in the year I had decided I was going to do baskets for the family, and we had thought about having people over, but we're just not up to it now.

    There's also a pretty serious storm headed our way over the next few days so who knows if we'll even have power. Our home weather station is beeping furiously this morning, which it's only done a couple of times before. Freaks me out when it does that. lol


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