Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Missing in Action

Sorry for those of you who have been reading. I've been a little MIA as of late. I just got back last night from four and a half days in the Philippines with three other girlfriends. We had a blast, but are tired! I've been doing laundry and trying to find a formal dress today. LOL I'll take the time to write a better blog post soon. Promise! :D

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Simple Woman's Dayboook

I'm borrowing an idea from my friend, Linda at the MacDonald Clan for today's post.

Outside my window - There is no window in this room. But, outside our main window, I noticed yesterday's snow is melting as are the snowmen that the kids built yesterday in the courtyard.
I am thinking - I need to get the boys and myself off our extended lunch break and finish schoolwork for today!
I am thankful for - the time we have had to homeschool. We've all enjoyed our time in doing so and it's worked for us the past few years.
From the kitchen - I cheated for lunch and cooked us all Ramen soup. LOL Dev and I had the hot and spicy Korean kind. It was the kind we had to ask his Korean friend what the label says because it's all written in Korean and weren't sure if we were cooking it right. But really, how can you go wrong with Ramen? It was really hot and spicy too! My nose was running while eating it. A runny nose is always a good indicator that the food is good, right? LOL That's what we always said about Mexican food and have adopted the saying for the Korean food.
I am wearing - ha... I'm wearing a pair of Converse "windpants" that I bought.... are you ready for this? ..... in 1992. LOL I told G-Dub how old these pants were the other day and he said not to go spreading that around. You all won't tell, will you? Hey, apparently they are good quality and were money well spent. ;)
I am creating - nothing.... I need to make some cards, but haven't been motivated to do anything!
I am going - take a trip next week. A girl's trip with three other wives to another country! Should be interesting. I'll tell you more about it later.
I am reading - Janet Evanovich's Finger Licking Fifteen I love her. She's so funny. Thanks to Julie for introducing her to me!
I am hoping - to take the boys swimming after school.
I am hearing -Devon singing some weird made up song about Transformers. e
Around the house... - laundry needs put away and the boys' bathroom needed cleaned. The rest of the house is in decent order. I probably should sweep, but I'm done for the day!
One of my favorite things - sitting down to a good dinner that I prepared and having everyone enjoy and appreciate it. A few nights ago, I broiled hamburgers in the oven. No one was very excited about those because they had wished for grilled. But, you get what you get with this apartment living. Last night's dinner went over much better!
A few plans for the rest of the week: Going to Starbucks in the morning to meet one of the ladies from planned trip. I'm not a coffee drinker, thus I'm not a big Starbucks fan, but it'll be good to go chill and chat for a little while. Also, I need to start planning and packing for my trip. It's 90 degrees where we are going. Quite different than the 41 here today. I had to call my mom last month and have her mail me my summer clothes I'd left at her house in November! LOL
Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
Dev and I waiting on our food at a great Mexican restaurant we found near here.
I like black and white.... it's so much more forgiving than color and doesn't make me look nearly as old as color. LOL

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Paying it forward

My kids are spoiled. They have everything they could ever want, yet somehow always seem to find other things they want. Maybe they're just normal humans as we all seem to have that tendency, don't we?

After Christmas, they got to spend some of the money grandparents had sent them. That was all fine and good, but I grew rather tired of them wishing to get something new when we went to the store when we'd just had Christmas! So, I said, ok, we're putting a stop to this for a little while. "You can't buy anything new until March!" Oh were they glad when March got closer. I'm a little weak though and told them they could go to the store Friday evening when they asked. They'd been saving their money for whatever purchase for "March". Since this post is small, they have walked to the Post Exchange a few times by themselves. They did that Friday evening. Dev was in search of Wii Speak for the Wii. R was in search of something Lego-ish. About fifteen minutes after they left, Dev called to make sure it was ok that they buy what they'd found. G-Dub told them that was fine as long as they had their money and it covered it.

A little while later, they walked in the door exasperated, holding their bag containing their goods. Imagine my confusion when they said, "We got our stuff, but didn't spend a dime of our money!" My first question though I knew the answer already was, "You didn't steal anything did you?" Hey, had to ask. They rolled their eyes at me and said, "No, you're not going to believe this though, Mom!" They proceeded to tell me about checking out at the cashier. Dev had thought the thing he wanted was $19.95, but when the clerk rang it up, it came up as $29.95. Reed's Lego rang up at $14.95 which they knew was right. Since Dev had only taken enough money to pay for a $19.95 item, he told the cashier to take his off and they'd just pay for R's. It was at that moment a lady behind them said, "Go ahead and get it all, this is on me." They gave her a quizzical look and told her thank you, but you don't have to do that. She said, "No, when I was young, some stranger did something similar for me. I want to do this." She then told the clerk to add her bottle of water to the transaction and complete it. She scanned her debit card into the machine and walked away leaving Dev and R standing there with their mouths hanging open.

I asked if they'd ever seen her before, if she was older or younger, if she had a dependent's id or an active military id.... everything I could think of to ask about this woman. They had never seen her before. She looked to be younger than me. And they hadn't noticed her id card during the transaction. I had thought maybe she was a grandmother missing her grandkids or something. Maybe she was a mother missing her kids in the states. *dunnno* Whoever she was, she was their best friend last Friday evening!

I told them that they would have to remember her when they were ready to pay a favor or good deed forward someday.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thrifting still

One of the mistakes we made when we moved across to another continent was not sending a lot of our stuff. We'd heard different stories and suggestions from people who had experienced or were experiencing the same thing. Plus, we were still trying to keep our house in Kansas show worthy for realtors and potential buyers. The first month we were here, it didn't bother me that much. I kept thinking, it's nice living as a minimalist. But then, there are times when I miss my stuff. The stuff that made our house a home. Here, we just have an apartment with some of our stuff, not much of our character in it. It's short term. I'll be ok with it. It's just stuff, right?

Still, I was led to the thrift shop on post a few times in search of something on the cheap that might make the apartment more homey. There wasn't much. The second time I was in there, a wooden shelf with a mirror caught my eye. It was U.G.L.Y, ugly, but I saw potential and had a plan. Plus, it was wood. I love real wood things. It was dusty and had stickers on it and looked like it had seen better days.
The girl who checked me out informed me this was hers. I informed her I was planning to paint it. She didn't look impressed.

I would have liked to have had some chalkboard paint, but there's no such thing in the PX here. They do have spray paint though, so my plan wasn't too faltered. I picked up a can of satin black and some corkboard squares.

Hello, Vicky. Are you causing more trouble today? Mind if I take your picture? Smile. :)
Ok, don't.

I sanded the sheen off the wood, then taped paper over the mirror. Then I painted it. From there, I cut some of the cork boards to place in the middle, used glue dots to hold those in place, then covered my seam with a piece of ribbon from my craft stash. I hung it in the kitchen to keep notes and such handy. I need to find something for the top shelf, but "shopping the house" doesn't provide much when I didn't bring much with me. :( Oh well...

What do you think? I think it almost looks like an Amish man wearing his hat. But I don't let that bother me. I like it. And for three bucks plus the cost of spray paint and cork board, well, it was rather thrifty. :)