Thursday, February 25, 2010

Friday photo

and the sense of humor of a preteen. :)

Last month, I received an email from the "homeschool group" here. It was concerning a field trip to the Samsung Children's Museum in Seoul. I thought, "Oh cool, I've always wanted to take the boys to a children's museum!" We've never gotten the opportunity or maybe just never made the drives to the locations where we'd find a children's museum. I thought it would be a good field trip and also give us the opportunity to meet some people, not to mention getting out and seeing part of Seoul.

The day came for the field trip which included a bus ride to Seoul. Three minutes into loading the bus, I was starting to question myself. Along with my own personal inner questions, I was receiving some pretty quizzical looks from Mr. Preteen. Quizzical looks and eye rolling - just the way anyone wants to start the day! But, I felt the same thing he was feeling. HE was the oldest kiddo on the bus. Lil Brother wasn't far from being next in line as oldest at age 8. The field trip was mostly for the preschool age kids as seen by the attendance and crowd on the bus. Hmmm, I didn't remember reading that in the email. I know it wasn't there. As the bus pulled away from post and three babies started crying in the background, I ignored even more looks from Preteen across the aisle and started chewing on my bottom lip. When pain began reaching my brain from said lip, I looked at Preteen and said, "Ok, we're just going to have to be open minded and give it a chance. We're in it for the day - make the most of it." And then I reminded him that at least he wasn't sitting at home finding the perimeter of polygons or reading about atom protons and neutrons. The website had said for ages up to twelve. He's twelve. I thought we weren't pushing it too much.

The bus was incredibly cold for whatever reason and so was the museum. I don't know why Koreans don't like using heat in public places. More on that in another post another day.

We made it there without interruption and began to explore. Preteen is such a good sport. Oh, sure, he does his share of complaining and gives his share of quizzical looks and eye rolling, but he's a good guy. He's versatile and really does know how to roll with the flow and make the most of it. He's a lot like his mother in that regard. :)

We got on the fourth floor at some exhibit and he sat down trying to figure out what the exhibit was teaching us or what the characters on the monitor were saying. It would have helped if we could have read Hangul. Oh well... I glanced at him with the helmet on his head and this is the look he gave me.
(I guess this is him making the most of it, right? It's either that or he's inherited some of my warped sense of humor. hmmm, we'll leave it as him making the most of it! ;) )

We couldn't decide what the exhibit was, so we just declared the helmets as brain cell suckers. LOL Hey, when in doubt, make something up!

He liked all those exhibits with monitors and cameras. Do you think that makes him vain? Do you think he thinks this post is about him?


  1. LOL about the pic and him being vain. My first thought was that he would be too old when I read you were going to it, around here out Kid's museum seems to tap out at age 8. But I'm glad he was a good sport about it, and it sounds like an interesting place.

  2. "He's soo vainnn...I bet he thinks this blog is about him, he's sooo vaiinnn"

    I'm just kidding. Good for you guys for at least making the trek and making the most of it. Like you said, better than sitting home finding the perimeter of a polygon or the hypotenuse of a triangle ;)


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