Thursday, February 25, 2010

Friday photo

and the sense of humor of a preteen. :)

Last month, I received an email from the "homeschool group" here. It was concerning a field trip to the Samsung Children's Museum in Seoul. I thought, "Oh cool, I've always wanted to take the boys to a children's museum!" We've never gotten the opportunity or maybe just never made the drives to the locations where we'd find a children's museum. I thought it would be a good field trip and also give us the opportunity to meet some people, not to mention getting out and seeing part of Seoul.

The day came for the field trip which included a bus ride to Seoul. Three minutes into loading the bus, I was starting to question myself. Along with my own personal inner questions, I was receiving some pretty quizzical looks from Mr. Preteen. Quizzical looks and eye rolling - just the way anyone wants to start the day! But, I felt the same thing he was feeling. HE was the oldest kiddo on the bus. Lil Brother wasn't far from being next in line as oldest at age 8. The field trip was mostly for the preschool age kids as seen by the attendance and crowd on the bus. Hmmm, I didn't remember reading that in the email. I know it wasn't there. As the bus pulled away from post and three babies started crying in the background, I ignored even more looks from Preteen across the aisle and started chewing on my bottom lip. When pain began reaching my brain from said lip, I looked at Preteen and said, "Ok, we're just going to have to be open minded and give it a chance. We're in it for the day - make the most of it." And then I reminded him that at least he wasn't sitting at home finding the perimeter of polygons or reading about atom protons and neutrons. The website had said for ages up to twelve. He's twelve. I thought we weren't pushing it too much.

The bus was incredibly cold for whatever reason and so was the museum. I don't know why Koreans don't like using heat in public places. More on that in another post another day.

We made it there without interruption and began to explore. Preteen is such a good sport. Oh, sure, he does his share of complaining and gives his share of quizzical looks and eye rolling, but he's a good guy. He's versatile and really does know how to roll with the flow and make the most of it. He's a lot like his mother in that regard. :)

We got on the fourth floor at some exhibit and he sat down trying to figure out what the exhibit was teaching us or what the characters on the monitor were saying. It would have helped if we could have read Hangul. Oh well... I glanced at him with the helmet on his head and this is the look he gave me.
(I guess this is him making the most of it, right? It's either that or he's inherited some of my warped sense of humor. hmmm, we'll leave it as him making the most of it! ;) )

We couldn't decide what the exhibit was, so we just declared the helmets as brain cell suckers. LOL Hey, when in doubt, make something up!

He liked all those exhibits with monitors and cameras. Do you think that makes him vain? Do you think he thinks this post is about him?

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Lots of laughs

I have spent some time tonight watching youtube. Exciting for a Saturday night, huh? LOL
I've been watching Chonda Pierce. She's hi.lar.ious.

These are a few of my favorites:

Mushroom top:


And Honeymoon Package:

If you have some time on your hands, click through the other vidoes listed on youtube. Be prepared to laugh out loud MUCH!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Thoughts on blog reading....

As I mentioned a few days ago, I add to my list of blogs weekly. I've gotten quite a list going in my "Blogs I follow". Maybe it's not as many as other people, but it's a lot for me (imho). And I don't even have all the ones from my favorites folder on the desktop added. Those are mostly lost anyway with the motherboard crash. :(

A few years ago, when I'd heard others talk about Google Reader, I thought I needed to check it out. I did. I hated it. Absolutely hated it. I can't pinpoint why I hated it and still hate it, but it just didn't seem convenient to me for some reasons. So, at the time, I went without reading some of my favorite blogs for a while. That isn't necessarily a bad thing as I can spend too much time reading blogs. :( I just stuck with the convenient list of my peeps' blogs on the sidebar of my own blog. But, I wasn't that good at clicking on them regularly to see if they'd been updated.

Then, one day, I changed my blog layout to the current layout and did away with the side bars, thus doing away with my list of blogs linked here. Hmmmph... wasn't sure I liked that. But, as I was fishing around more in my blogger dashboard, I paid more attention to the "Reading List" options. I decided to see what it was all about and check it out. That was one of the best decisions I've made in the world of blogging. I love my daily blog updates. I love Firefox and the way I have it set up. If the updated blog looks interesting, I click it and it opens in a new tab so I can read the entire entry and comment if I so choose. Easy peasy, life made easy by Blogger.

I know some of you may already use this option and think I'm just repeating the obvious, but I was just thinking about it as I was checking for Sunday morning updates here late Sunday evening my time. (I'm Future Girl, dontcha know? ;) ) I was just thinking how novel it is and how easy it makes blog reading. And how addictive it makes blog reading. LOL It's also probably the main reason I don't blog as much. I go into my dashboard with intentions to click "New Post" and instead, scroll down just to check and see if there's anything new out there. LOL Then I get distracted reading and forget what I was going to blog about. OR I look at the time and realize I've spent too much time here, so I promise I'll come back later and blog, but mostly forget to do that. LOL

How do you read your favorite blogs? What "system" works for you?

Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday's 7 Quick Takes, POTW and a roll call

I'm going to hop back on to the Quick Takes bandwagon this week. It's my excuse to get me to blog! Click on the image above if you're interested in reading other blogs who participate in the Seven Quick Takes. :)

~*~ ONE ~*~

I'll start with a photo I snapped while in the car the other day. I snapped it with Christy's POTW in mind. As usual, I'm behind. Signs was actually the theme for the week of February 1st. Who's keeping track though? ;)
Obviously, we see a lot of these here in Korea. I find them interesting and intriguing. I wonder exactly what they say or advertise. I think based on the building off the road from this one, that it is advertising some sort of restaurant.

Luckily, there are plenty of other signs, some in complete English and some that are mixed with Hangul and English letters. These mixed language signs are most helpful and appreciated when traveling.
PhotobucketSorry for the poor quality of these photos. It was raining/snowing that day, so the windshield was a mess and the light was bad.

~*~ TWO ~*~

Speaking of blogging, I have added several new blogs to my "follow list" lately. I can't help it. I say no more for a while, then I read a few most recent updates and follow and link and fall in love with something someone has done on that newly found blog. Of course, I want to see what they do in the future. So, back to the dashboard and the add button I go. Most of these blogs seem to be decorating blogs. This week, I've discovered V and Co. who has an amusing mother tale on her most recent blog post. Life in the Fun Lane was also added recently. She refinishes furniture. Ah... she recently painted a drop leaf table just like the one we used to use in our eat in kitchen. We didn't use it in our KS house though as we didn't have an eat in kitchen. :) She is using it as a bedside table, leaves dropped. In her archives, I found a dresser and nightstand that is also like ours that is in storage in the states. I had toyed with the idea a while back, wondering what ours would look like painted. Tada... it would look like the one in this post. (Not the really beat up before pictures. Thankfully, even with several military moves under our belt, our bedroom furniture doesn't look anywhere near as bad as her beginning piece.)

~*~ THREE ~*~

The topic of weather seems to be on everyone's mind recently. It's been a cold winter, hasn't it? The woolly caterpillars predicted that back last fall. I remember taking a walk with the boys in Abilene in October and we ran across one of those guys crossing the street. His black stripe was HUGE! I toughht at the time,"The old folks would say that means we'll have a bad winter." And such is the case. Of parents in Mississippi have been accustomed to mild winters of recent years. They have complained plenty this year. I just keep reminding them that the calendar still says winter until March 21. :) I don't think that helps though. lol
~*~ FOUR ~*~

Valentine's Day is Sunday in case you have been under a shell and not paying attention to the calendar. We aren't doing anything special unless you count possibly buying a new mattress. Our regular one is in storage. We are using govt. things here in the apartment. I miss my furniture. I miss my own mattress most. I refer to the one here as the jello bed. It is so soft and basically worn out I believe. It feels like a water bed when you sit on it or lie or on it or feel your husband turn over in the middle of the night. I want a new FIRM mattress. Problem is, our choices are limited here. :(

~*~ FIVE ~*~

This weekend is also a Korean holiday. The Lunar New Year - year of the tiger. We've been encouraged to stay off the roads, especially the expressways this weekend in respect for the Koreans who will be celebrating the holiday.

~*~ SIX ~*~

I started a "diet" this week. It's not really a "diet" so to speak, but I've been paying closer attention to the foods I eat. And I've only had two Dr. Peppers this week as opposed to one or two a day! LOL We've been going to the gym on a regular basis as well. We tend to favor the racquetball court when the boys are with us. The first few times, it was quite comical - all four of us on the court trying to hit the ball and not be attacked by it or someone's racket! We haven't gone without injury though. I truly think Lil Man broke my finger by slamming his racket into my hand. He hit my ring finger. My ring dug into my finger and left a lovely bruise. That hurt. Majorly hurt. I was near tears. I walked out and went to hide in the ladies' locker room. When I came back, he got a good lesson on what "I've got it" really means when Mom says "I've got it." LOL That was a few weeks ago. My finger returned to its normal color though the tenderness took a few weeks to go away. No pain, no gain in the world of exercise, right? LOL Ok, maybe not that extreme!

~*~ SEVEN ~*~

Roll Call: Would you do me a favor and if you're reading, leave me a comment and answer to a "roll call"? I'm just curious. I know there are people reading, but I'm curious if those who are reading are the ones I "know" are reading or if I have some drive-bys that I might not "know" on any ordinary basis. Thanks in advance!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


I'll whole-heartedly admit that I'm a country girl. Sure, it's been almost fifteen years since I've actually lived in the country, but that doesn't matter. You know what they say, "You can take the girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the girl." That's me. Someday, I'll be a country girl again, but for now, I'll just enjoy the versatility. Actually, my mil has accused us of being too dependent on convenience to survive living in the country again. We'll see when the time comes. I seem to settle right back into it quite well when we go "home" and visit though. :)

In the meantime, I'll get back to the topic of this post. Sorry. Got sidetracked.

On our trip to Seoul, G-Dub was determined that he wanted the boys to experience all the means of transportation available. We've ridden Korean buses (and lived to tell!) so we opted out of those this evening. He wanted them to ride the subway again. We've all ridden Seoul subways before, but they were too young to remember it last time.
I rode the MARTA years ago in Atlanta. That was my first experience with a subway. Atlanta doesn't compare to Seoul though.

As I said earlier, I'm a "country girl". So, I'll admit that I was just as entranced by the crowds of the city as the boys were. And the crowds in the subway stations did not disappoint. Luckily, the trains weren't as crowded as they were seven years ago on Christmas Eve. I remember being packed in those cars like sardines then. Thankfully, at the time, someone felt sorry for me holding a baby and let me have their seat.

The ticket system had changed in the last few years, so obtaining tickets was a bit of a challenge at first. Finally, we got on our way along Line 4.
Hold on! :)
G-Dub was oblivious to having his photo taken as he was watching the lighted map to see when our next stop was coming up.
Ah, Seoul Station.
A helpful Korean girl directed us to our next line and we were on our way again.
Pardon the blur, I wasn't doing a good job of balancing between picture taking and holding on. lol

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Trip to Seoul (Part 2)

I know some of you have seen these photos on Facebook, but I wanted to share them here as well. :)

We took a Korean taxi from Itaewon to the electronics market. I'm not sure what the official name of this district is, but I remembered from last time we were here that it is CRAZY with all the electronic vendors in the area. So, we call it the electronics market. :)

There is an underground store with all sorts of gaming products. The boys loved this, though we didn't really buy anything because we weren't sure about the translations of the games. Hangul just wouldn't do much good in "beating a game". R loved the selection though and thought it was cool just to see all the different things available.
He walked away with screen protectors for his DSi. That was a safe purchase. LOL

Outdoors, the crowd was insane! Again, people. Everywhere!
We wandered around an area with computer parts and products. I think finding anything you really need here would be like finding a needle in a really big haystack!
I do wish that I'd known at the time that my computer's motherboard was dying here at home while we were away that weekend. We could have searched for that needle. :\
I bought this little point and shoot a few weeks ago thinking it would be a pocket camera to carry around rather than lugging my larger camera everywhere. I haven't quite decided if I love it or hate it. I need to hurry and decide though before my thirty days runs out. That's soon...
I sort of like it, but I sort of don't. Torn.... it takes a decent picture if you're paying attention. Here's the other end of that shot.
It was cold, but not as cold as it had been. The temps were in the low thirties. That felt like a heat wave compared to the below 10 temps we'd had earlier. Don't I look cute with my ear muffs? I hate having my ears get cold!

I was the only one that came away from the electronics market with exactly what I went in looking for - my needles. :) I needed to replace the eyecup on my Rebel and I wanted a lens hood for my nifty fifty. Amazon would not ship either of those to me, so I found them here.