Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snowy tree

Remember this cute little metal tree I found December before last and used in my laundry room in Kansas as a Christmas pretty in there? Well, it made the move to Korea with us. I used it on the table that sits on the entry wall of the apartment. I used the same silver and red ornaments on it - tradition, right? ;)

The day that I was taking down the Christmas tree, I glanced in the direction of my little metal tree and had a pang thinking about taking it down and packing it up after the holidays. There's just something about that little tree and me. Then, as I was taking my frosted snowflakes that were a Hobby Lobby find off the tree, I had an epiphany. Ok, epiphany is a bit of a stretch concerning my tree, but roll with me, ok? I said I love this little tree. ;) Can you see what's coming?

I took the red balls off and replaced them with the frosty snowflakes, leaving the silver balls in place. PhotobucketPhotobucket
Ah, love... new year love - not a cute little metal Christmasy tree anymore, but a winter tree that should last me at least through the months of January and February until the weather actually starts to warm and I tire of the snowflakes. OR maybe I'll get creative and change it for February's love theme. We'll see. I'll keep you posted. ;)


  1. Purdy! I love it! I love snowflakes/wintry decor...I think if you can do something to modify your Christmas decorations to keep enjoying them, then so be it :)

  2. That's a great idea. And the winter months are so drab (especially here in Oregon) that after taking down the sparklies of Christmas it's boring in the house. I've actually left a few pretties up as 'winter' decor.

  3. Oh, how pretty! I like it a LOT!!!

    When they roll around, there's always Valentine's Day, St Patrick's Day, Easter... gosh, I've seen similar trees used literally year 'round!


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