Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The real McCoy or a generic version?

I was thinking about this earlier when I was cleaning the bathroom mirror with a bottle of glass cleaner. I kept thinking, glass cleaner just isn't Windex. And, that led me to thinking about my pickiness preference for certain products that are brand names. I will say that the bottle of glass cleaner DID work better with my Viva paper towels than it had previously done with dh's purchased generic paper towels. Can you imagine who bought the "glass cleaner"? Not me. :) I should be cleaning surfaces like crazy just to get rid of the stuff so I can buy my beloved Windex.

Generic just doesn't always do it. I guess if I were more of a penny pincher, it might matter. I believe that hard earned money should be spent on quality because quality gives you peace of mind. Then again, if I were a better penny pincher, I could find coupons on name brands. ;)

  • Paper towels - as mentioned earlier, I love my Viva towels. I use them for everything and started when DS1 was a babe and I was cleaning up messy baby food spills. Now, I can use them to clean my bathroom sink and not have to worry about some yucky sponge that is gathering and reproducing germs. Clean the sink, then toss the towel. No worries. I've even had these paper towels go through the washing machine and come out in one piece. Wow, that's a strong paper towel!
  • Glass Cleaner - needs to be Windex, not your store brand. I can't get over the feeling of just getting my mirror or glass just wet with the other stuff. Windex actually feels like it cleans while the other doesn't to me. Is that just my weird thinking? G-Dub would say so. :/
  • Dishsoap - I have this thing about suds. If suds aren't there, to me, the product isn't working. Maybe it's my fascination with the Dow Scrubbing Bubbles commercial? LOL
  • And yes, I use Dow Scrubbing Bubbles bathroom cleaner. LOL Enuf said.
  • Bathroom tissue? I won't go there. (Unintended pun...) I'll just say it's gotta be soft and it's gotta have thickness. ;) Oh, and it can't fuzz or let puffy particles escape when you're rolling it off the roll. Have you ever used some that seems to leave a weird dust layer on your roller mechanism? That bugs me.
  • Toothpaste. I've always liked being a Crest girl. I grew up a Colgate girl per my parents, but I changed that after I got out on my own.

There are many more that if I sat and thought about it, I'd be able to list. But I think you should get my point. Sorry, MJ, it may not matter if it's black or white, but in my opinion, it does matter if it's generic or brand name.

What about you? Do you put a whole lot of thought into such things?


  1. I understand where you're coming from. I know there are people who swear that generic is just as good or better, but that's not always the case in my experience.

    Glass cleaner doesn't make much difference to me. I've used Windex, but these days I make my own cleaner by mixing ammonia and water. And I usually use newspapers to clean the windows because I can't waste all those paper towels....lol

    Paper towels, I've tried them all, but am most happy with Kirkland brand (Costco). I like their tp as well (and yes, I've used the tp that left the huge dust piles - what is that about?). I wish I could use the enviro types. I've tried, but a. they're just too expensive for our current pocketbook, and b. they don't do the same job.

    Like you, bubbles have always seemed important (though for me it's in laundry detergent). However, Mark has assured me that bubbles aren't the necessary ingredient for getting things clean. He's right, and I've adjusted (mostly). lol I've had to with the detergent I use, which is a concentrated free/clear variety. Lots of bubbles aren't good for my front loading machine either.

    Where name brands make the most difference to me - food. I have to buy Best Foods mayo (Hellman's to some of you). I can't stand Miracle Whip, and I've tried other mayo's and always gone back to BF. If I use vegetable juice it's got to be V8. Others just don't stack up.

    There are a few other things too, but I've probably got a long enough response here. lol

  2. You know I'm on your side girlfreeenn. I'm a fellow Viva lover. They are SO soft :) I'm also a fan of suds. I've heard that "suds" don't matter (esp. as it pertains to shampoo) but I can't stand it when things don't foam up. Here are my faves: Viva, Charmin (blue pkg), Lever 2000 soap, Dawn dish detergent, Tide original scent liquid detergent, Lysol wipes (NOT clorox) hehe. There are more but that is all I can think of right now. I'm brand loyal, what can I say? :)

  3. Dunno if it's my penny-pinching or my "green" tendencies, but I prefer simpler goodies most of the time.

    Dishsoap - I use Dawn Pure Essentials, because it seems to scrub baked-on yuck better than some of the TRULY "green" products.
    Windows - vinegar & water, with a splash of peppermint Dr. Bronners... to kill the pickle-smell. Works best with a cloth rather than paper towels, which is why I save a couple ratty tee shirts when the kids outgrow their clothes!

    I don't make EVERYTHING from scratch, and there are brands I'm loyal to - but they're mostly gluten-free foods, chosen for taste. Cleaning goodies? Whatever gets the job done is good by me!


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