Saturday, January 30, 2010

POTW: Handmade

When I saw Christy's inspiring post about Photos of the Week, I thought, I can do that. It's much less pressure than a photo of the day and there was a list. Easy peasy. But, it's four weeks into the new year and I haven't taken any photos for the POTW. Oops. Maybe I'll get better about that. In the meantime, I'm starting slow/late and killing two birds with one stone. :)

I've been working this week and part of last week (because I was taking my time with my project) on transforming my cute little metal tree, aka snowy tree into a Valentine tree.
And, may I just tell you I love it? Love it. Of course, you all know I love that little metal tree anyway. lol

I just used scrapbook paper that was otherwise sitting in the closet neglected, some chipboard from cereal boxes and eyelets (set with my Crop-a-dile) to complete my hearts.

It's all together with my printed subway art and name frame on the front wall of that apartment. I hate the white walls of the apartment, but this little display makes me smile when I see it. I regret not having more of our decor stuff here. But, we'll just make due. :)


  1. I could do POTW...might be easy than 365 photos LOL! I love your hearts tree. Beautiful!

  2. I love that vignette.

    I've been wanting to make some paper hearts. Yours are inspirational!

  3. I love your tree!! What a great way to change for holidays/seasons! Your hearts are beautiful!

  4. I love your table display and wall art. Looks gewd to meee :)


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