Monday, January 4, 2010

Baby, it's not Christmas anymore, but it's cold outside!

Whew, the week after all the holidays... the week you're supposed to get back to the gring.... the week you're supposed to fully focus on those New Year's resolutions (if you made any. I did not.)

I climbed out of bed this morning, walked to the window to draw back the curtains and was startled to see almost complete whiteness outside! Snow! and lots of it!
I really wanted to close those curtains and climb back into bed. But, I did not. I suppose one of my not made resolutions is to do better with our schoolwork - start at a decent hour, minimize distractions and git-r-done. So, I opted out of climbing back into bed on this snowy day.

DS1 went out to the store for milk this morning and came back to declare that public school kids were out today due to the snow. He proceeded to ask if we could have a snow day. Um, no, you don't have to travel to school. Kudos for asking though!

I have been looking and reading all over BlogVille about everyone's 2009 in review or the best of 2009. I thought about one such post. Thought about it. I even looked back through the ole blog and surveyed the year's photos on my EHD. But, then I decided 2009 was the past and I want to move ahead. Soooo, no review from me. No best of the best (though that's kind of a joke. haha...)

I want to do a few things for 2010. These are not resolutions. ;)
- I want to "stop taking pictures, start creating images" What a great article. A good reminder. :) I want to make sure that the times I capture an image on my shutter, it's an image and not just a click of the shutter. Clicks of the shutter aren't always bad though. I must remember that as well. :) Maybe I'll be able to share some of those with you here. (If you look at my snow scene from off the balcony this morning, you can recognize it as just a picture. Hey, that's the best I could do in my pajamas and from the fifth floor.) Here's an "image" for you from later this afternoon when I actually ventured out to survey the snow and see just how much we got. One inch looks much like four or five inches from above. On the ground you can see just how much you received. Plus, DS2 wanted to go play in it. No photos of him though, he took off to the other side of the playground to play with some other kids. I wasn't dressed warm enough to follow him.

- Also, I want to exercise more. This apartment living in the winter is for the birds. I hope that we can stay focussed and not home ourselves up in seclusion from the cold. We've always been good at "getting out" but I also need to make sure getting out is in a physically demanding form for myself. :)

I'm sure there are more, but those are the only two I could think of at the moment. I'm not a list maker, so didn't write any more down. ;)

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  1. No review post? Dangit, I thought for sure you'd do one. Oh well ;) It's snowing here right now and I like it!


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