Saturday, January 30, 2010

POTW: Handmade

When I saw Christy's inspiring post about Photos of the Week, I thought, I can do that. It's much less pressure than a photo of the day and there was a list. Easy peasy. But, it's four weeks into the new year and I haven't taken any photos for the POTW. Oops. Maybe I'll get better about that. In the meantime, I'm starting slow/late and killing two birds with one stone. :)

I've been working this week and part of last week (because I was taking my time with my project) on transforming my cute little metal tree, aka snowy tree into a Valentine tree.
And, may I just tell you I love it? Love it. Of course, you all know I love that little metal tree anyway. lol

I just used scrapbook paper that was otherwise sitting in the closet neglected, some chipboard from cereal boxes and eyelets (set with my Crop-a-dile) to complete my hearts.

It's all together with my printed subway art and name frame on the front wall of that apartment. I hate the white walls of the apartment, but this little display makes me smile when I see it. I regret not having more of our decor stuff here. But, we'll just make due. :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Trip to Seoul (Part 1)

We took an impromptu trip to Seoul last weekend. We just drove up on Sunday and returned Monday, so it wasn't anything major. We just wanted to get away and do something different.

Our first main stop was Itaewon after we'd secured a room for the night on the Army post. Itaewon is a popular shopping district near the Army base in Seoul. There are tons of shops and eateries and people! Wow, this city is alive with people and energy! It is easy to get caught up in it all. Seoul's population is somewhat over 10 million as one of the largest cities in the world. I compare it to New York City, though I've never been to NYC.
Interesting shopping...
Familiar restaurants
I love that the Korean flag is in this shot. :)

And this was funny to me. We always talk about eating "Mexican" or "Chinese" or "Korean" or "Italian". I guess they eat "American" food. :)

And finally, the people. Crowds of people. Some pushy. Some nice. Some things don't change no matter where you are. :)

Friday, January 15, 2010


I'm going to borrow Jill's 7 Quick Takes this Friday just for today. Sorry to be a copycat. Consider it flattery. ;) I am only doing this because it seems a little more fluffy and fun than just listing random stuff for no orderly reason. lol

So, without further adu

1. Blogs.... I have decided I love blogs. I'm addicted to blogs. I spend too much time reading blogs. But, they are fun to read and it's fun to learn from someone else's life and writing. I tried Google Reader to read blogs, but didn't like that. I have really found that the Follow Blog feature of Blogger is a good one. It helps me keep up with the latest updates of my fav blogs. I find myself clicking and reading entirely too much though. One blog links to another and I follow, then link and follow elsewhere and before I know it, an hour or more has passed by me while I've been immersed in Blogland. :) Good or bad?

2. Have you ever been to this site?

It's one of those links I followed from a blog a few days ago. I think my response when the page opened was a loud, "WOAH!" It's someplace else to get lost online.

3. I need an appetizer to take somewhere tomorrow night. I'm no good with appetizer recipes because it's just not something I've been privy to do. I've not had much of a need for such thing. So, I'm lost. Good thing for the internet and recipe sites, right?

4. I'm worried about my mother. She has "an episode" that really worried my sister and me recently. We worry that she might have been having a mini-stroke. Is there such a thing as a mini-stroke? My sister and I wish she'd take her health more seriously. I worry more being on the other side of the world. :( Her doctor said it was a lot of sinus issues, but I worry that it could be more.

5. The weather here has been really cold. I don't remember it being this cold here the last time we were here. We've had a ton of snow as well. That's something else I don't remember. I remember it snowing while we were here, but only once or twice. I can't miss Kansas when Korea is just as cold and there's just as much snow!

6. I made my first ever Etsy purchase this past week. I purchased this necklace as part of her Haiti Disaster Relief effortThe Rusty Chain

Speaking of Haiti, the best man in our wedding's wife is from Haiti and still has family there. They live outside of Memphis. Fortunately, Pat's mother was visiting them when the earthquake occurred. But, they haven't been able to get in contact with other family members there. My heart goes out to that nation. Prayers are with them.

7. Ah... maybe I should have just done Friday Fives. Seven is a lot to think about! LOL

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mid January

A foggy morning last week.

Can you believe this month is already almost over? How did THAT happen? I guess amid the snow, the almost daily fog around here and the focusing on getting a better start to the new year, the new year prevailed whether we were ready or not. When I look at the calendar and realize the month is almost over, I feel like I've just been going with the flow as I always do. Sometimes that is rather scary when you realize the flow has led you a few days ahead of where you thought you were. February better not fly by me whilst I'm not paying attention! Maybe I should prepare for it better.

I've been thinking a lot lately about schedules and lists. I have NEVER been a good schedule keeper or list maker. Oh sure, I can make a schedule and make a list, but I pretty much stink at keeping up with them and staying on task. I always joke that I have ADD. Sometimes I wonder if I really do. *guilty* I think it's just a sign of the times. We're so caught up in doing so many things and often trying to do them at once, that we get easily distracted and often falter. Or at least I do.

We've been keeping a schedule for schoolwork and it's going quite well this week. I sat down and did an Excel spreadsheet by hour and time block for our subjects. I've been quite amazed at how well it helps the boys, most especially the oldest one stay on task with his work. Maybe I should take some lessons from that. :)

Maybe first on that list for myself should be taking the Christmas lights off the balcony. I have been ignoring those, but you can see them as plain as day in that foggy photo above. They are the only things you can see plain as day in that foggy photo above. LOL BUT, I have a reason for them not being put away. Apparently, I have a fear of heights. I always thought so, but maybe it's just an overactive imagination. For an entire week AFTER I stood out there wrapping the lights around the balcony's rail, I couldn't close my eyes at night for sleep without imagining myself falling off the balcony. It was a weird feeling even though it was my imagination. A feeling I don't ever want to become a reality. So, the lights remain on the balcony. Maybe eventually G-Dub will realize they are there and remove them for me. :) Or maybe I'll get real and do it myself. Maybe...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snowy tree

Remember this cute little metal tree I found December before last and used in my laundry room in Kansas as a Christmas pretty in there? Well, it made the move to Korea with us. I used it on the table that sits on the entry wall of the apartment. I used the same silver and red ornaments on it - tradition, right? ;)

The day that I was taking down the Christmas tree, I glanced in the direction of my little metal tree and had a pang thinking about taking it down and packing it up after the holidays. There's just something about that little tree and me. Then, as I was taking my frosted snowflakes that were a Hobby Lobby find off the tree, I had an epiphany. Ok, epiphany is a bit of a stretch concerning my tree, but roll with me, ok? I said I love this little tree. ;) Can you see what's coming?

I took the red balls off and replaced them with the frosty snowflakes, leaving the silver balls in place. PhotobucketPhotobucket
Ah, love... new year love - not a cute little metal Christmasy tree anymore, but a winter tree that should last me at least through the months of January and February until the weather actually starts to warm and I tire of the snowflakes. OR maybe I'll get creative and change it for February's love theme. We'll see. I'll keep you posted. ;)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The real McCoy or a generic version?

I was thinking about this earlier when I was cleaning the bathroom mirror with a bottle of glass cleaner. I kept thinking, glass cleaner just isn't Windex. And, that led me to thinking about my pickiness preference for certain products that are brand names. I will say that the bottle of glass cleaner DID work better with my Viva paper towels than it had previously done with dh's purchased generic paper towels. Can you imagine who bought the "glass cleaner"? Not me. :) I should be cleaning surfaces like crazy just to get rid of the stuff so I can buy my beloved Windex.

Generic just doesn't always do it. I guess if I were more of a penny pincher, it might matter. I believe that hard earned money should be spent on quality because quality gives you peace of mind. Then again, if I were a better penny pincher, I could find coupons on name brands. ;)

  • Paper towels - as mentioned earlier, I love my Viva towels. I use them for everything and started when DS1 was a babe and I was cleaning up messy baby food spills. Now, I can use them to clean my bathroom sink and not have to worry about some yucky sponge that is gathering and reproducing germs. Clean the sink, then toss the towel. No worries. I've even had these paper towels go through the washing machine and come out in one piece. Wow, that's a strong paper towel!
  • Glass Cleaner - needs to be Windex, not your store brand. I can't get over the feeling of just getting my mirror or glass just wet with the other stuff. Windex actually feels like it cleans while the other doesn't to me. Is that just my weird thinking? G-Dub would say so. :/
  • Dishsoap - I have this thing about suds. If suds aren't there, to me, the product isn't working. Maybe it's my fascination with the Dow Scrubbing Bubbles commercial? LOL
  • And yes, I use Dow Scrubbing Bubbles bathroom cleaner. LOL Enuf said.
  • Bathroom tissue? I won't go there. (Unintended pun...) I'll just say it's gotta be soft and it's gotta have thickness. ;) Oh, and it can't fuzz or let puffy particles escape when you're rolling it off the roll. Have you ever used some that seems to leave a weird dust layer on your roller mechanism? That bugs me.
  • Toothpaste. I've always liked being a Crest girl. I grew up a Colgate girl per my parents, but I changed that after I got out on my own.

There are many more that if I sat and thought about it, I'd be able to list. But I think you should get my point. Sorry, MJ, it may not matter if it's black or white, but in my opinion, it does matter if it's generic or brand name.

What about you? Do you put a whole lot of thought into such things?

Monday, January 4, 2010

Baby, it's not Christmas anymore, but it's cold outside!

Whew, the week after all the holidays... the week you're supposed to get back to the gring.... the week you're supposed to fully focus on those New Year's resolutions (if you made any. I did not.)

I climbed out of bed this morning, walked to the window to draw back the curtains and was startled to see almost complete whiteness outside! Snow! and lots of it!
I really wanted to close those curtains and climb back into bed. But, I did not. I suppose one of my not made resolutions is to do better with our schoolwork - start at a decent hour, minimize distractions and git-r-done. So, I opted out of climbing back into bed on this snowy day.

DS1 went out to the store for milk this morning and came back to declare that public school kids were out today due to the snow. He proceeded to ask if we could have a snow day. Um, no, you don't have to travel to school. Kudos for asking though!

I have been looking and reading all over BlogVille about everyone's 2009 in review or the best of 2009. I thought about one such post. Thought about it. I even looked back through the ole blog and surveyed the year's photos on my EHD. But, then I decided 2009 was the past and I want to move ahead. Soooo, no review from me. No best of the best (though that's kind of a joke. haha...)

I want to do a few things for 2010. These are not resolutions. ;)
- I want to "stop taking pictures, start creating images" What a great article. A good reminder. :) I want to make sure that the times I capture an image on my shutter, it's an image and not just a click of the shutter. Clicks of the shutter aren't always bad though. I must remember that as well. :) Maybe I'll be able to share some of those with you here. (If you look at my snow scene from off the balcony this morning, you can recognize it as just a picture. Hey, that's the best I could do in my pajamas and from the fifth floor.) Here's an "image" for you from later this afternoon when I actually ventured out to survey the snow and see just how much we got. One inch looks much like four or five inches from above. On the ground you can see just how much you received. Plus, DS2 wanted to go play in it. No photos of him though, he took off to the other side of the playground to play with some other kids. I wasn't dressed warm enough to follow him.

- Also, I want to exercise more. This apartment living in the winter is for the birds. I hope that we can stay focussed and not home ourselves up in seclusion from the cold. We've always been good at "getting out" but I also need to make sure getting out is in a physically demanding form for myself. :)

I'm sure there are more, but those are the only two I could think of at the moment. I'm not a list maker, so didn't write any more down. ;)