Tuesday, October 6, 2009

October and the Creepy Crawlies

I apologize for not being around and posting. We've been busy. I always say that, don't I? I'll fill you in on those details in another post (hopefully later this week!)

For now, I will just share some creepy photos that caught my eye as I was uploading them onto the computer from my flash card.

The first is a happy little spider that the boys found in the backyard.
They insisted on capturing him and observing him as a science project. Ugh, ok. The teacher in me had to say, "Ok." The girl in me said, "Ewww, gross!"
Lessons learned: 1) Spiders can't move around in glass jars very well; 2) Spiders will not eat bugs that humans catch and place in confinement containers for spiders. Apparently, they are big hunters and don't like food provided for them.

Now, for the good stuff. The real creepy guys! I apologize in advance if these guys spook you. If you're reading just before bed and have bad dreams, I'm sorry! We were at the nature center recently and saw these guys on display. I have this fear of snakes in general, but especially since we plan to move to the country someday. The country that is most likely inhabited with rattlesnakes and copperheads. My fear is that I won't recognize the kind of snake if I find one. Not that it'll matter because I'm not a snake lover. The best kind of snake is a dead snake (or one that is tucked away behind glass and can't reach me). I decided to take pictures of these two guys so I would have my own reference and not have to entrust Wikipedia someday. LOL

Curious Copperhead - I don't think he liked us checking him out. Photobucket

Resting Rattlesnake - If I ever came face to face with him or his relatives in the country/woods, I'd be doing anything other than resting! Photobucket

And that's it for this addition of the Creepy Crawlies! Sweet dreams!

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  1. Oh yuck! The snakes are pretty, but still yuck.

    Did I tell you I found another snake the other day? I was moving the big trash bin outside and it scrambled out from underneath it. I screamed SO LOUD.


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