Friday, October 30, 2009

A four letter word I love and....

have been waiting on for quite some time.

We closed on our house last week, finally! It seemed like forever that we were waiting for it to sell, but in reality in this day and time with this economy, I don't suppose six months was so bad.

The movers came last week and packed our remaining things into those lovely crates. Don't they look weird? That's military moves for you though. What went into those boxes and crates was stuff I won't see again for at least two years. I hope I got everything I needed! It'll all sit in storage until we get back to the states. :) Can you imagine what it will be like opening those boxes? It'll be like wedding showers, house warmings, birthday parties and Christmas morning all combined into one!

So, now, we're homeless. LOL I've joked that we're homeless, but we aren't really. We have families that LOVE us and are thankful we have come down south to visit with them before we travel across the pond to reunite with DH.


  1. Bittersweet but enjoy your new adventure.

  2. Yes... am happy for you but still missing you and the boys...hope all is well at that families home... how is the RV...are you using it yet?

  3. LOL, not using it yet, but I've only been here a week. ;)

  4. awww...happy homelessness, Gwen! (((hugs)))

    Yay for SOLD signs!

  5. I know that SOLD sign is relief for you! I tried to come up with a little jingle, i.e. Rolaids spells Relief, but I'm out of my creative juice today.

  6. Hi Gwen - I haven't stopped
    by to see you in quite awhile.

    Wishing the very best for you
    and your family on your new
    (another) LOL adventure.

    Prayers and hugs for all of you
    for safety.

  7. Congratulations. I'm glad that it all went well. No, six months isn't bad. Even when the economy was good it took us over a year to sell our last house.

    Enjoy your family time before heading out.

  8. WHAT???? I can see I'm WAY behind on your blog!! lol
    Sounds like you've relocated to Korea for a few years? WOW!
    Your life is just never dull is it Gwen? lol
    I have to keep up with your blog now! This is really exciting!


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