Friday, September 18, 2009

"I'm bored..."

I've heard that quite a bit lately for whatever reason. Funny how I'm never bored! Just this afternoon, I was working on sewing together R's blanket. Both of them kept coming into the basement asking me what they could do. Neither of them wanted to play with the other. Neither could agree on what to do. And I'd said no electronics so find something else to do!

So, tonight, when I was blog surfing, I ran across an "I'm Bored Jar". I may not make this right now, but I do see it being an advantage in a few months when we will be apartment living and there will be no backyard to go play in.

I'm posting it here on my blog because by the time I get around to needing it or making it, I'll have forgotten where I saw it! LOL I found it on Kristine Mckay Designs She even has a pdf down-loadable sheet with project ideas and instructions! It's meant to be for summer, but when we get through with schoolwork early, we need something to do besides sit in front of the tv or computer!


  1. That's a neat idea.

    I've seen other jar ideas, but this one is great for kids. It might even be good for adults, because I've certainly said those words myself a time or two. lol

    I could put all those 'things' in it that I've been meaning to do, or want to do, and pull a tag out every day. I might actually get some of those things done that way.

  2. Yep, I could probably use one of these jars for my own jobs that need to get done! lol

    R has one for his journal that he writes in daily. Just your typical journal jar. :)


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