Sunday, September 20, 2009

I should step away from the spray paint

The fumes are doing something to me. Or maybe it's just that "doing" something is good for me. I've been having too much fun with black spray paint and sand paper as of late. I'll blame it all on Blogland. It's always good to blame someone else, right? Right. ;)

A few weeks ago, I was in Goodwill and spotted this.
Now, did I particularly NEED a blue magazine rack? No, not really. But Blogland had me in Goodwill looking at things in a different light. And when you know that Target has magazine racks for no less than twenty bucks, this little beaut was tempting.
So, I snagged it along with a headboard. Yeah, I said a headboard... not sure about that one, but that's another story for another time I suppose. (That other time may be two or three years from now when I pull it out of storage after our quest overseas. LOL)

A little elbow grease combined with sandpaper, then a couple of sprays with black spray paint, followed by more sandpaper for distressing the edges and this is what I've got.

Photobucket Photobucket

The price? $2.49 for the rack + $2.97 for the spray paint = just under $6 with taxes added. No bad and just as good at the Target racks. ;) And, it turns out I did need a rack after all. I had these stacked between my nightstand and bed. They looked like a mess, but now not so much. ;)

Just for good measure, I thought I'd show you the headboard. It was $6.49! Why couldn't I have found a deal like that last month when I actually NEEDED a headboard for the boys' room? Instead, I found headboards for between $25 and $100! Sigh... I went with the cheapie $25 one for their room while we're in transition. But seriously, I wished I'd found this last month instead.
Transformation on it coming ----- someday. I have sanded it down to bare wood and puttyed (is that a word?) a few spots on it. It's ready for something!


  1. Your mag rack looks nice! :) Much better price than Tar-jay!! Did you mention the headboard before and I've just forgotten?

  2. No, just twice in this post. :)

  3. I laughed when I read this post

    You use Krylon right?

    I've been looking for Krylon for a while now. It isn't as available as it once was around here. We seem to be stuck with Rustoleum, which isn't the paint it used to be. They do have a new enamel spray paint that I'm interested in though.

    Since I need to paint our kitchen island (it's been primed for two years) and I'd like to paint our dining room table legs (finally got hubby's support on that), the thought of going the original route with paint can and brush is daunting. Spray painting would be much quicker, assuming I can take it slow and keep things smooth.

  4. Take the headboard, cut the legs off, paint it and hang it on the wall as an "architectural" piece!


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