Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Summer is over ...

at least it is for us as we started our schoolwork this week. Maybe that explains why I haven't taken the time to blog this week. Ack... it's just been busy. We've gotten off to a good start with our home-school work though. I look forward to a good year. I am not head over heels in love with the second grade curriculum, but that's because I have higher expectations for what my second grader can do and I don't like dummy-ing anything down. We'll stick to the schedule for a few weeks and then adapt from there maybe.

The sixth grade math is going to kick my hiney this year sort of like the fifth grade math did last year. LOL But, I got smarter and actually purchased the teacher's editions this year so I would be better prepared.


  1. Go Gwen! Sorry your summer ends so soon ... but then, you started before all of us (our school didn't get out until end of June) ;)

  2. I'll be starting school and suffering right along with you (or your boys, whatever the case may be hehe). The semester doesn't start 'til Monday but I'm already getting emails from my Finance professor telling me to do stuff. I wish I could buy the 'derned' teacher's edition of my books.

    I agree with you tho, summer has gone too quickly!!


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