Friday, August 14, 2009

A scale that makes me happy

The scale I keep tucked under my bed to weigh myself doesn't always make me happy especially not after two trips home over the summer. :)

I've wanted an antique kitchen scale just for decoration more than function for a while now. The boys and I were bored the other day and so we went junking and I found this.


I think it'll look great someday on my Kansas antique possum belly cabinet. Did I tell you that story? The story of how I said one of my plans for living here was to acquire a piece of furniture that I'd remember as my Kansas antique. It all goes along with my need for things to have a story. LOL I have picked up a few things during our time here, but my ultimate favorite is my opossum belly cabinet. Or maybe it's my architect's drawing board? Hmm, tough call. I had the cabinet in storage until June when I pulled it out and started using the bottom portion as a desk. The top portion is still stored in the garage. I'll have to share pictures later. ;)


  1. I didn't know you were looking for a scale....I see them everywhere here and I'd have gotten one for you and mailed it. :) I'm just that good of a friend. :D

    I think of you whenever I see old baby scales!

    I have an antique scale too. I love it. It's so funky and fun!

  2. I have one too!!! Mine is in far worse shape but I love it. $8 for it way in the back on a dusty shelf at an antique shop - SCORE! I'll have to show you a photo!


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