Monday, August 24, 2009

Mmmm, homemade ice cream!

I haven't made that much of it because I thought it always took too long. I finally figured out I wasn't putting enough SALT in with my ice. After listening to my dad about that, I've had several successful tries at homemade ice cream. It's so good and so easy (when you add enough salt. ;) ) I went the easy route with vanilla the first time I made it this summer.

The boys love it!
I've gotten a little more experimental. The last batch I made, I pureed fresh blueberries and we had blueberry ice cream. I bought the ingredients for mint chocolate chip for the next batch. I can already taste that.... Mmmm... Maybe I should make that batch soon!


  1. We did homemade icecream for July 4th - nothing quite like it! I've never had mint choc chip but that sounds heavenly!!

  2. I'd like that with some blueberries thrown in please! ;)

  3. Now I want some ice cream...thanks a lot Gwen! :P

  4. Vanilla is my favorite flavor - yum!

  5. Oh that soooo brings back memories of my Papaw! We ALWAYS made homemade ice cream at mamaw and papaw's house! ♥

  6. We make quite a bit of homemade ice cream these days. We have a Cuisinart electric maker so it's easier.

    I've made mint chocolate chip using fresh mint leaves and dark chocolate and it was wonderful. I even got experimental and made chocolate, chocolate chip mint, which Mark was skeptical about, but it was fabulous! lol


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