Thursday, July 9, 2009

Out of town, but at "home"

We're visiting family in Mississippi for a little while. That meant that I was able to be here when Mom had her hip surgery on Tuesday. She's coming home today which I find is amazing considering they replaced the joint and ball socket in her hip. She's been up walking around and is doing fine. Wow, modern medicine, huh? :D

It's just as hot in MS as it was in KS. I have been lucky to get to stay inside for the most part. The humidity and mosquitoes aren't friends of mine! The blueberries are ready, so that means time spent out there picking those. And Mom's cucumbers are ready too. I'm glad because I didn't plant any this year and have been regretting that. Nothing says summer like a crunchy, salted cucumber!


  1. A blueberry smoothie would be good...tasty, cold on a hot day and good for you!

  2. Glad your mom is up and about!!


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