Thursday, July 23, 2009

G Dub's V-Dub


Gary acquired this truck several years ago. Some of you have seen photos of it before. Some may have even seen the truck in person. He loves this truck, but his infatuation with it has been tainted by the Army's plans for our lives rather than our own plans. This led him to the decision to store it at a friend's house in AL with the possibility that it might be sold to said friend's friend. Who knows? I'm not sure if it'll ever happen or if we'll come home from Korea and still be the proud owners of the 1968 Crew Cab/Transporter, affectionately dubbed "Whitey". Just in case we never get to see it again, I took a few photos. Gary didn't really want photos of it because he said it was a sad reminder. But I think he'll be glad to have them some day - just in case. ;)


  1. a sad reminder? aww that's kind of sad that even said that...

  2. That is kind of sad....

    On the other hand, there are things that I've let go of (either out of necessity or in fits of cleaning) that I wish I had photographs of now.

  3. Aww... he will appreciate the photos later though. Very cool photo too.


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