Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bored with this...

We had just returned from me dragging the boys and dh down to the park for some photos. I decided to go out to the garden and take some photos of my squash (I'll share another day). On my way into the house, I had to step over Sam who'd just come out and made himself comfortable on the rug by the backdoor. Camera in hand and dog in front of me... hmmm, who do you think I thought of? Yep, GA and her recent hints about pics of the dogs. So, I squatted down to take his pic. He heard the camera click and walked away - not the best shot. Be thankful I'm not sharing that one. ;) So, I called him back and tried again. At that moment, he yawned as if to say he was bored with this and the activity wasn't worth his time. Geesh, he's such a high maintenance dog. I guess I'll have to schedule a time for more appropriate and friendly photos. Until then, you've got this.


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  1. Aw!!! That's so cute! I love Sam.

    Whenever Cissy sees the camera, she runs away. For some reason, she's scared of it. I do try to get a pic of her yawning, because the inside of her mouth is freckled! It's the funniest thing!


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