Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A rose by any other name...

Well, actually, a rose in any other garden would bring me more joy. I don't actually like roses, but when we moved into this house, I inherited the previous owner's rose bushes. Four of them as a matter of fact. Unfortunately, during our time in this house, I've never really done much to those rose bushes except an occasional word for them when they scratch me as I mow past them or the few times I've woven the new growth through the lattice work on the front porch.
They've always bloomed beautifully and this year was no exception!
It was only after this year's bloom season that I took a really good look at the bushes and decided they needed a good trim. Only I had no idea where to start. I meant to google and see the proper way to trim a rosebush, but one thing led to another and other things came before rosebush maintenance. Finally, Tuesday, I just decided to give it a go without consulting any expert's advice. I knew I was ok since the blooms had come and gone, so I grabbed my trusty shears and went to work. I'm not sure if I did it right, but they sure look a lot better and less unruly.

And that crepe myrtle that is in that second photo? Well, though it's currently blooming, I gave it a nice "haircut" too. And wowza does that whole bed on the front of the house look 100 times better!

How are your gardens at this point in the season?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bored with this...

We had just returned from me dragging the boys and dh down to the park for some photos. I decided to go out to the garden and take some photos of my squash (I'll share another day). On my way into the house, I had to step over Sam who'd just come out and made himself comfortable on the rug by the backdoor. Camera in hand and dog in front of me... hmmm, who do you think I thought of? Yep, GA and her recent hints about pics of the dogs. So, I squatted down to take his pic. He heard the camera click and walked away - not the best shot. Be thankful I'm not sharing that one. ;) So, I called him back and tried again. At that moment, he yawned as if to say he was bored with this and the activity wasn't worth his time. Geesh, he's such a high maintenance dog. I guess I'll have to schedule a time for more appropriate and friendly photos. Until then, you've got this.


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Time for a cool change

Our summer has been so out of sorts. The remainder of the year will be out of sorts for us too as DH leaves for Korea and I, along with the boys, wait out the real estate market for our house to sell and for our time to travel "over the pond". We've spent quite a bit of time traveling, visiting family and taking care of things at our other house in AL. It's been a crazy summer, but we've survived the mayhem so far. I've just been going with the flow and relying on God to lead us through. :)

Since most of our household goods have been shipped to Korea in preparation for DH to arrive and set up house, that meant I was losing my computer and the use of the laptop. I sort of freaked out about that a bit until I remembered MIL's laptop sitting on the desk at her house barely noticed, much less used. So, being the sweet dil I am, I politely asked her if I could snag it and use it during our transition time. Being the good mil that she is (and knowing I can't live without a computer and access to the outside world), she said yes. :)

We brought it home last week and have spent some time upgrading it. She'd never used it much and she also had dialup, so all those crucial updates necessary to keep a system running smoothly were never done. This machine was a turtle. No, maybe it was more like a snail. I HATED using it while at her house. Hated it! But, we've done wonders with it including upgrading the 512MB memory to 2G so that you can actually get something done! Getting something done for me includes browsing the net, editing photos among other things. Other things include cruising blogs though as we all know, I'm not the best blogger. I go in moods though where I follow links on other people's blogs and read strange blogs, some of which I find interesting information on and some of which I bookmark to possibly come back to another day.

A few days ago, I was pursuing Gari-Ann's blog and ran across a comment from Candy @ Junk Sophisticate On her blog, I found a link to a website where she'd done her blog banner and decided I had to have a new look for my blog including a new mosaic photo banner. So, tonight, that's what I've done - a cool change for the blog. It was about time for a change on the blog since there are about to be all sorts of other changes in my life. :)

The website was Big Huge Labs. Check out the Mosaic Maker and see what fun things you can do!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

G Dub's V-Dub


Gary acquired this truck several years ago. Some of you have seen photos of it before. Some may have even seen the truck in person. He loves this truck, but his infatuation with it has been tainted by the Army's plans for our lives rather than our own plans. This led him to the decision to store it at a friend's house in AL with the possibility that it might be sold to said friend's friend. Who knows? I'm not sure if it'll ever happen or if we'll come home from Korea and still be the proud owners of the 1968 Crew Cab/Transporter, affectionately dubbed "Whitey". Just in case we never get to see it again, I took a few photos. Gary didn't really want photos of it because he said it was a sad reminder. But I think he'll be glad to have them some day - just in case. ;)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Out of town, but at "home"

We're visiting family in Mississippi for a little while. That meant that I was able to be here when Mom had her hip surgery on Tuesday. She's coming home today which I find is amazing considering they replaced the joint and ball socket in her hip. She's been up walking around and is doing fine. Wow, modern medicine, huh? :D

It's just as hot in MS as it was in KS. I have been lucky to get to stay inside for the most part. The humidity and mosquitoes aren't friends of mine! The blueberries are ready, so that means time spent out there picking those. And Mom's cucumbers are ready too. I'm glad because I didn't plant any this year and have been regretting that. Nothing says summer like a crunchy, salted cucumber!