Wednesday, June 24, 2009

In the Zone...

the "I'm watching tv, enjoying this cinnamon sprinkled graham cracker and not paying any attention to the mother with the camera" Zone.

I love him - even when he ignores me and even when he has cracker crumbs on his face. *heart* I love those eyes and those teeny tiny freckles too! I even love that scar from the bicycle mishap a few years ago. He calls it his Frankenstein scar. Oh, and I forgot to mention that smile - the smile he gave me when he decided to acknowledge me being almost right in his face with my camera! LOL I love that smile too!


  1. Hi Gwen - haven't stopped by
    lately, but so glad to see
    "blue eyes" and how he is growing.

    You will have to beat the girls
    off with a stick when they see
    that blue-eyed darling.

    Thanks for sharing him.

  2. That plane ride is AWESOME. Your boys are SO SO SO handsome. :) Brian just started flying lessons two weeks ago.


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