Monday, June 15, 2009

The Bundt Pan Story


I promised in the pound cake post to come back and tell you the story behind the bundt pan. I keep promises. :)

My mom has this apple nut cake recipe that she makes in a bundt pan. Years ago, she bought a cast iron bundt pan and started making her apple nut cakes in it. She passed down her other bundt pan - the aluminum one that comes in two pieces, so your cake is easily removed from the pan. Every time we go "home", Mom bakes an apple nut cake. It used to be she baked them for ME because that's the cake I always requested for my birthday when I was younger. But lately, she cooks the apple nut cake for Devon. *I've lost out to a grandkid.*

Devon asked me once why I didn't make apple nut cakes like Patpat, so I gave in and tried. He never liked mine because they didn't taste like hers. I could never figure out why. I used the same exact recipe - cooked it for the same exact time, etc, etc, but he never ate but one piece of mine while he could eat the whole cake of hers.

I finally decided it had to do with her pan. Her cast iron bundt pan makes the crust a nice brown crust and the cake is tender and moist inside. My cakes in my pan never had that pretty brown crust and the outside tasted the same as the inside. Her pan is just better!

So, the search began for a cast iron bundt pan for me! Guess what? You can't find them. Companies have stopped making them and they are a rare find second hand. Mom did find one a few months ago, but the man wanted $75 for it. Sorry, no deal. I'll just wait and get the cakes at her house. LOL

I searched the antique stores and auctions here along with the yard sales that I stopped in. No cast iron bundt pan. :(

When we went to MS on our way to AL a few weeks ago, we were dropping the kids off at mil's. Mom and Dad came to visit us before we left again on the rest of our journey to AL. She got out of the truck and had something behind her back. I hugged her and asked what she was hiding thinking all along it was something for the boys. She had a mischievous look in her eye, so I had no idea. Then, she pulled a plastic bag around to her front and handed it to me saying, "Happy Birthday!" I took the bag and screamed when I realized what it was! I hugged her I don't know how many times! She'd found it in an antique store while visiting my sister in North AL - and paid $30 for it. A steal in our opinions!

I used it the other day to make my pound cake. Soon, I'm going to break down and try the apple nut cake. Soon. :) I'll let you know how that goes and if Devon deems it as good as Patpat's.


  1. What a nice surprise from your momma! I think it is sweet that your boys call her Pat-Pat :)

  2. LOVE this story, and you blog is beautiful!!

  3. A wonderful story! I have a bundt pan, but it is not cast's the traditional non-stick one. And the 2 piece aluminum pan I always thought was an angel food pan. I ONCE used that 2 piece pan to make monkey bread. NOT a good idea...unless you like fires in your oven. Butter drips out the edges easily, lol!

    Of course, now you have me on the lookout for a cast iron bundt pan.


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