Tuesday, May 5, 2009


We spent the weekend doing just what we wanted to and it felt so good! I told you about the airplanes already and showed you those. I was going back through the photos I took over the weekend and found this. It's some sort of wildflower. I discovered it at the lake.


The week is moving along nicely. We've accomplished all of our schoolwork each day, so that's always good. The house is showing tomorrow. Our competition across the street sold, so maybe that's a good thing too. I'm trying not to be aggravated about it selling and ours not. LOL The right person will come along soon. I just know it! :)

I keep toying with the idea of my veggie garden. The boys want to plant and I think it's a waste. I did work this evening on tilling my plot. We can plant some quick seeds and see what happens there. :) The strawberries that we put in that bed last year are doing great. I'm amazed! Hopefully we can get some fresh berries soon!


  1. yummm....strawberries....(said in my best Homer Simpson voice hehe)

  2. Well, if you don't want to do plants in the ground, then you could always do a tomato plant or two (one for each boy) in a pot. Then if you sell and move, you can give that to a neighbor or a friend. Lots of fun for boys, no waste. ;)


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