Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Surf shirts, antique desks, prairie fields

We took D to scouts Monday night and needed something to occupy our time. Since the days are longer therefore giving us more light, I convinced R we should go on a photoshoot. He was all excited until I told him I'd be taking HIS photo. LOL He was all for it when I told him I'd pay him two bucks to be my model.

First, we had the typical argument of what clothes he should wear. He was happy in his bright green soccer shirt from last spring's team and camouflage shorts. I was not. But, he wouldn't go for anything else in the closet. We finally agreed on this blue surf shirt and khaki shorts. Blue surf shorts are PERFECT for photos in Kansas where we're always spending our spare time surfing, right? ;)

I've had a vision for a while of taking this old desk out into a field of tall grass. It's not wheat, as it's not ready yet, but this tall grass is everywhere you look these days. Well, everywhere you look that the farmers haven't burned it off yet. I think they must be finished burning because I haven't seen any field fires lately.

The desk. You know I love things with a story behind them. Most of the stuff occupying space in my house has some sort of story behind it. We do sometimes use this little desk in our homeschool lessons. It's from the elementary school DH and I attended. MIL rescued it when they were going modern. I love it and am happy to have a part of our past. DH or I could have been sitting in that same little desk when we were in first grade. :)

Ok, enough babbling... the photo from my photo vision. :)


And, now for the outtakes. We were out in the middle of nowhere which actually describes most of Kansas. LOL We'd pulled off the highway onto a tractor path and parked. Can you say trespassing? :D Off in the distance in the field across the highway from us was a grove of trees. (Were there enough prepositions in that sentence? LOL) As we were playing around, we heard coyotes start to howl.

At first, he was taken back by them. Then, my goofy child being MY child started howling back at them. I told him he'd better stop before they came to find their new friend and decided to adopt him into their pack!

At least he thinks I'm funny. ;)


  1. That's funny with the coyotes! I thought you were going to say there was a snake sneaking up on you. ;) Didn't you also buy a red chair to use in photo shoots? Wait, I think you used it on Sam or Barney.

    I think it turned out great!


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