Thursday, May 14, 2009


This will be randomness numbered. Aren't you glad?

1) When asked at a message board yesterday what one word would describe me, my immediate answer was ditzy. I'm not really ditzy, but lately with all that has been going on in our lives, I have certainly felt at more times than I've cared to feel that I don't have it all together and am, therefore, ditzy.

2) I was lightly involved in a conversation on Facebook recently about friends. Everyone who recognizes you from your past and even your present seems to want to be your friend on Facebook. It doesn't matter that you have to really think long and hard to remember who some of these people are. Why befriend someone you see once or twice weekly but yet they never speak to you? Why befriend someone who is friends with someone you know and has only heard your name in polite conversation? I don't get it. Why be compelled to accept their request? And more so, why feel guilty about ignoring it? Someone in that conversation on FB suggested that we should have family, friends, and acquaintances. Maybe there should then be a level of which they get to see the whole you. Maybe that's just the price you pay for being "public" on the internet.

3) Next up and kind of along those same lines: lurking, the live traffic feed (Feedjit) and comments are all reasons I contemplate on a somewhat weekly basis my desire to keep this blog going. I look at the Live Traffic Feed and see that people are visiting, but yet, my comments are few and far between. I'm not the best blogger. I don't find a lot of time to visit other blogs and keep up with everyone and what they are doing. But, the blogs I do visit that are people I "know" either in real life or people that I have met online and feel like I've known them forever so I want to keep up with their lives. When I do visit them, I always leave a comment even if just to say, "Hi, haven't talked to you in a while." I feel too weird being there and not leaving a comment. It seems almost like visiting a friend's house or seeing a friend on the street and not speaking to them. I just feel if you're going to step into the thoughts and life of someone you know personally (via blog reading) you should leave a comment out of respect. Now, the more public blogs like Pioneer Woman and some food blogs that I visit occasionally where I don't know that person, I don't leave comments. Is that being hypocritical or whiny? That's just a gripe I have because I know I have visitors, but I don't have comments. Oh, and that's the reason I don't use Google Reader too. LOL It bugs me.

4) Grey's Anatomy is on... season finale. Why am I so addicted to this show? I hope that I can get this show weekly once we cross the pond. :) I almost started watching it when it first came on - how many seasons ago? But I didn't. Several weeks worth of renting the seasons a few years ago from Movie Gallery turned me into an addict. I've been thinking of starting Lost. Wonder if that would turn me into an addict as well?

5) While I'm spilling or rambling, I've been thinking more and more about my photography obsession and possibly turning it into more than an obsessive hobby. Several people have tried to push me off my comfortable seat up here observing, but I've held fast. I'm stepping out though. I'm stepping out in the way of more portfolio building just to see where it goes. In the meantime, I'm realizing just how much work it is! LOL I think that's probably why I've put it off for so long. As a homeschool mom, how much more did I want to put on my plate? But really, I just need to follow my heart and see where it goes. At some point in time, the kids are going to be in school and I'm going to be contributing in some way to college funds and other "stuff". I have NO desire to go back into a public school classroom. So, I'm looking for my niche. I'll keep you posted. ;)


  1. 1-you are not ditzy
    2-I understand how that feels. I get friend requests sometimes from ppl from high school and I'm like "but you didn't even like me?"
    3-I don't remember what your #3 was :P
    4-I'm sorry I do not always comment
    5-You should stop holding so fast! As my papaw would say, you better "get on the stick" (that sounds kind of bad tho doesn't it? forget I said it)

  2. hi gwen! I guess I am one of those people who dont always say "hi" when I check out your blog. I promise to try harder now.

    Go for it with your photography! You never know where it might end up!

  3. ...but I like stalking blogs..and I hate that some blogs like yours monitor live traffic! It's like having caller ID...I'm sure I'm the only one you know in Saint George...LOL. I like being invisible and annonymous! That way when I don't feel like leaving a comment, I don't have to! you are pushing me out of MY comfort zone...LMAO. Luv you Gwen! And I love reading your fun stories and seeing your pictures!

  4. You are an awesome writer, Gwen. I wish I could get my thoughts down as well as you do!
    I never got the facebook thing. I'm busy enough with friends IRL ~ and with my online scrapping friends, of course :)~ and don't really have time to connect with people I don't remember or have nothing in common with. You hit that one right on the head. LOL

    Good luck with your photography. You take amazing pictures!

  5. I love the live traffic feed. It's cool to see where people are from that are visiting...all the different states and countries. You're still anonymous! :)


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