Friday, May 15, 2009

Protected by Webkiz and Scooby

Have you ever seen those signs on buildings or even houses, "Property protected by Smith & Wesson"? I actually thought of that this morning when I walked into the boys' room after they made their beds. Dev had lined most of his Webkinz up on the railing of the bunk bed. These may be all of his or there may be some camped out in the toy box. I wish I had the money that had been spent on those. We could probably buy several Smith & Wessons, or something of more use to our family. Oh well, they provided joy and some continue to do so. Cody, the Husky, seems to be Dev's favorite. :)

There are the ones that belong to Reed occupying space in our house as well. No photo of his as they weren't arranged so neatly or weren't as photogenic this morning. LOL

We are almost over run by Webkinz which is why I put my foot down and said no more several months ago. It was just crazy! We still go down to the local gift shop and look at them from time to time. But it'll be a while - like at the point in which the accounts are about to expire online - before we purchase new ones. I'm a mean momma like that. LOL

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  1. We don't have near as many as that! Hannah's got about 10, and Scotty's close behind with 7 or 8. They are NOT all on line, either...I save the codes and enter them toward the end of the year to get a bit more time on the account. I'm very picky about which ones reside in our house. And I personally own 2 of them - the polar bear and the unicorn. I'm contemplating the purple dragon next. For me.

  2. I guess you could make them get rid of some before they can have any more? Do you have a consignment shop in town? Teach them about earning dinero! hehe :P

  3. I hear ya! Now try doing that with FIVE kids! When I add up the $$ spent on all those Webkinz, I could just cry LOL

  4. Hi Gwen

    Sorry I'm a blog stalker, I'll try to comment more often.

    I wonder what will be popular when Aaron gets to be that age?


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