Friday, May 22, 2009

A new me

or at least a new photo of me and this one wasn't taken with arms outstretched. DH actually took it. I had to stop him from backing away from me like he always does. I usually hand him the camera and he walks half a mile away to snap the pic resulting in me appearing as a tiny blurp on the image with all sorts of distractions around me. LOL He's getting better about taking directions. I even left it in manual mode and taught him how to turn the dial to meter the light. Wonders never cease. :)

Anyway, thought it was time for a new self portrait or self aided portrait for all my avatars.

Here's what he got. :) Not bad. I'll count it as my last photo of me before turning thirty nine for the first time next week.

I have my signature look of the sunglasses perched on top of my head. lol

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Woah! It's already Wednesday!

Where did the time go? I looked at my last post and thought it couldn't have been Friday, but the proof is in plain view, isn't it?

We've just had a busy week and it'll continue to be that way until our move or dh's move which comes first. We will be here until the house sells. I've said that before, haven't I? It has shown a few times this week, but no offers. I'm rather tired of showings and no offers. It amazes me that there is such a diverse mix of people viewing the house. Saturday, there was a young military guy (alone) viewing it. He is married with a baby on the way, so our little bungalow would be perfect for them! Then, Monday, an elderly couple looked at the house. Hmmm, maybe they are downsizing from a farm or moving to town to be near their children? ???? DH said the basement might not be appealing to them because of our weird stairwell. I said they won't have to go down there as the washer/dryer is upstairs. And then last night, there was a young family that viewed the house.

We'll see what happens. You know I'll keep you posted.

In other news, we watched Mall Cop last night. There were some laughs, but as usual, not as many as I was expecting. I'm good only having seen it once. Too bad it doesn't have the $1 return sticker on it because I could take it back today and get my $1 credit. :) I also picked up Taken, but haven't watched it yet. Have you seen any good movies lately?

Friday, May 15, 2009

Protected by Webkiz and Scooby

Have you ever seen those signs on buildings or even houses, "Property protected by Smith & Wesson"? I actually thought of that this morning when I walked into the boys' room after they made their beds. Dev had lined most of his Webkinz up on the railing of the bunk bed. These may be all of his or there may be some camped out in the toy box. I wish I had the money that had been spent on those. We could probably buy several Smith & Wessons, or something of more use to our family. Oh well, they provided joy and some continue to do so. Cody, the Husky, seems to be Dev's favorite. :)

There are the ones that belong to Reed occupying space in our house as well. No photo of his as they weren't arranged so neatly or weren't as photogenic this morning. LOL

We are almost over run by Webkinz which is why I put my foot down and said no more several months ago. It was just crazy! We still go down to the local gift shop and look at them from time to time. But it'll be a while - like at the point in which the accounts are about to expire online - before we purchase new ones. I'm a mean momma like that. LOL

*Thanks for stopping by. Sorry if I guilted you into commenting! I won't make you promise to comment every single time you visit, but at least say hi every now and then, ok? Fair enough? :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009


This will be randomness numbered. Aren't you glad?

1) When asked at a message board yesterday what one word would describe me, my immediate answer was ditzy. I'm not really ditzy, but lately with all that has been going on in our lives, I have certainly felt at more times than I've cared to feel that I don't have it all together and am, therefore, ditzy.

2) I was lightly involved in a conversation on Facebook recently about friends. Everyone who recognizes you from your past and even your present seems to want to be your friend on Facebook. It doesn't matter that you have to really think long and hard to remember who some of these people are. Why befriend someone you see once or twice weekly but yet they never speak to you? Why befriend someone who is friends with someone you know and has only heard your name in polite conversation? I don't get it. Why be compelled to accept their request? And more so, why feel guilty about ignoring it? Someone in that conversation on FB suggested that we should have family, friends, and acquaintances. Maybe there should then be a level of which they get to see the whole you. Maybe that's just the price you pay for being "public" on the internet.

3) Next up and kind of along those same lines: lurking, the live traffic feed (Feedjit) and comments are all reasons I contemplate on a somewhat weekly basis my desire to keep this blog going. I look at the Live Traffic Feed and see that people are visiting, but yet, my comments are few and far between. I'm not the best blogger. I don't find a lot of time to visit other blogs and keep up with everyone and what they are doing. But, the blogs I do visit that are people I "know" either in real life or people that I have met online and feel like I've known them forever so I want to keep up with their lives. When I do visit them, I always leave a comment even if just to say, "Hi, haven't talked to you in a while." I feel too weird being there and not leaving a comment. It seems almost like visiting a friend's house or seeing a friend on the street and not speaking to them. I just feel if you're going to step into the thoughts and life of someone you know personally (via blog reading) you should leave a comment out of respect. Now, the more public blogs like Pioneer Woman and some food blogs that I visit occasionally where I don't know that person, I don't leave comments. Is that being hypocritical or whiny? That's just a gripe I have because I know I have visitors, but I don't have comments. Oh, and that's the reason I don't use Google Reader too. LOL It bugs me.

4) Grey's Anatomy is on... season finale. Why am I so addicted to this show? I hope that I can get this show weekly once we cross the pond. :) I almost started watching it when it first came on - how many seasons ago? But I didn't. Several weeks worth of renting the seasons a few years ago from Movie Gallery turned me into an addict. I've been thinking of starting Lost. Wonder if that would turn me into an addict as well?

5) While I'm spilling or rambling, I've been thinking more and more about my photography obsession and possibly turning it into more than an obsessive hobby. Several people have tried to push me off my comfortable seat up here observing, but I've held fast. I'm stepping out though. I'm stepping out in the way of more portfolio building just to see where it goes. In the meantime, I'm realizing just how much work it is! LOL I think that's probably why I've put it off for so long. As a homeschool mom, how much more did I want to put on my plate? But really, I just need to follow my heart and see where it goes. At some point in time, the kids are going to be in school and I'm going to be contributing in some way to college funds and other "stuff". I have NO desire to go back into a public school classroom. So, I'm looking for my niche. I'll keep you posted. ;)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Menu planning


I really stink at menu planning. I've tried it before. Well, probably once, maybe twice, but I'm not an advocate for menu planning. I'm not one the masses would choose as their Menu Planning Poster Woman. I'm too much of a fly by the seat of my pants kinda girl (Can you name that movie?) to actually plan out life much less menus. What if I plan out a whole month's worth of menus, do the grocery shopping and then when it comes to Tuesday night's beef stew, I'm not in the mood for beef stew? Then what? I'm OCD, but not that OCD.

So, in a round about sort of way, that leads to tonight. The boys and I met some friends at the local pizzeria for lunch. Yummy veggie pizza split between my friend and myself while the boys scarfed down a large pepperoni. I had other plans for tonight, but those fell through thanks to the cool cloudy, windy KS day. Plans that fall through lead to my need to cook dinner. :-( And, yep, you guessed it, the Queen of NON menu planning had nothing planned. It was a little while ago I decided it might be better to be a vegetarian. You don't have to worry about meats that need thawing out before cooking. Spur of the moment dinner decisions would be easier. Wouldn't they?

I've had this jar of lentils sitting on my counter among other jars for a while now, waiting for something to be done with them. As I was contemplating dinner a little while ago and deciding that eating out probably wasn't an option since we ate out for lunch. (not that things like that normally stop us...) I thought back to this morning when I was actually organizing something - my recipe box. I had found a recipe for lentil soup that I copied from a magazine six years ago but never tried. Are you seeing the equation here? No planned dinner + no thawed out freezer foods + hungry boys asking, "What's for dinner?" + jar of abandoned lentils + rediscovered recipe = dinner. Easy peasy. We'll see how the recipe comes together. It's currently coming to a boil in the pot. If the boys scoff at it, well, there's always hot dogs because those are thawed in the meat compartment of the fridge and I actually have buns! LOL

Monday, May 11, 2009

Photoshoot - pbing I suppose

Savina probably didn't know what she was getting into when she agreed to go on a photo shoot with my photography friend and me.

The weather was great - tornado watches across the state, but a fabulous day in our part of the state.

We had a lot of fun, a lot of laughs, and some confusion (with almost getting lost!) We finished the evening off with some yummy food from McAllister's and then called it a night.

Baby Sam is due later this month. :)






Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Surf shirts, antique desks, prairie fields

We took D to scouts Monday night and needed something to occupy our time. Since the days are longer therefore giving us more light, I convinced R we should go on a photoshoot. He was all excited until I told him I'd be taking HIS photo. LOL He was all for it when I told him I'd pay him two bucks to be my model.

First, we had the typical argument of what clothes he should wear. He was happy in his bright green soccer shirt from last spring's team and camouflage shorts. I was not. But, he wouldn't go for anything else in the closet. We finally agreed on this blue surf shirt and khaki shorts. Blue surf shorts are PERFECT for photos in Kansas where we're always spending our spare time surfing, right? ;)

I've had a vision for a while of taking this old desk out into a field of tall grass. It's not wheat, as it's not ready yet, but this tall grass is everywhere you look these days. Well, everywhere you look that the farmers haven't burned it off yet. I think they must be finished burning because I haven't seen any field fires lately.

The desk. You know I love things with a story behind them. Most of the stuff occupying space in my house has some sort of story behind it. We do sometimes use this little desk in our homeschool lessons. It's from the elementary school DH and I attended. MIL rescued it when they were going modern. I love it and am happy to have a part of our past. DH or I could have been sitting in that same little desk when we were in first grade. :)

Ok, enough babbling... the photo from my photo vision. :)


And, now for the outtakes. We were out in the middle of nowhere which actually describes most of Kansas. LOL We'd pulled off the highway onto a tractor path and parked. Can you say trespassing? :D Off in the distance in the field across the highway from us was a grove of trees. (Were there enough prepositions in that sentence? LOL) As we were playing around, we heard coyotes start to howl.

At first, he was taken back by them. Then, my goofy child being MY child started howling back at them. I told him he'd better stop before they came to find their new friend and decided to adopt him into their pack!

At least he thinks I'm funny. ;)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


We spent the weekend doing just what we wanted to and it felt so good! I told you about the airplanes already and showed you those. I was going back through the photos I took over the weekend and found this. It's some sort of wildflower. I discovered it at the lake.


The week is moving along nicely. We've accomplished all of our schoolwork each day, so that's always good. The house is showing tomorrow. Our competition across the street sold, so maybe that's a good thing too. I'm trying not to be aggravated about it selling and ours not. LOL The right person will come along soon. I just know it! :)

I keep toying with the idea of my veggie garden. The boys want to plant and I think it's a waste. I did work this evening on tilling my plot. We can plant some quick seeds and see what happens there. :) The strawberries that we put in that bed last year are doing great. I'm amazed! Hopefully we can get some fresh berries soon!

Monday, May 4, 2009

A dove? The boys think this is a dove.

They discovered it nesting in the pear tree in the backyard a few days ago. I decided to grab my camera and zoom lens to see what would happen. :)



Saturday, May 2, 2009

Local airport's Fly In and Pancake breakfast

We spent today rambling in the Volkswagen - a leisurely Saturday where we didn't really have to be anywhere that we didn't choose on our own accord. It was great - just the way Saturdays are supposed to be. Plus, I got a nap this afternoon, so that made today an even more perfect Saturday! LOL

We started off the morning at the local airport's Fly In and Pancake Breakfast. DH and the boys loved seeing all the different planes. I decided it would be the perfect opportunity to take some cool photos of objects that would stand still (momentarily LOL)

Just a few shots from today of some of our favorites.





These guys with this plane were our favorites! They are out of Manhattan and the pilot trained in Columbus, MS which isn't too far from our "home". :)