Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"Must leave soon"

LOL I was trying to think of something profound that the MLS sign above the realtor sign might work to mean and that's all I could come up with. :b

Anyway, just a photo of the day, something to distract me from other things needing to be done. The boys were outside picking dandelion heads because I'd promised to pay then a nickel per flower head. *Note to self, decrease your payments because there were a lot darn weed heads in the yard! And they kept count!* I told R that the ones he wondered into the neighbor's yard to pick couldn't count toward his total payment. lol

This house showed this morning, no offer yet, but the guy did like it. That's been the case for the last few times it has shown. I want an offer!

Other house down south is still on the market too - nothing new there. :/


  1. Keeping my fingers crossed for you that both houses sell quickly!

  2. I hate those dang dandelions! We have a guy treat our yard so we don't have weeds, but because our neighbors don't, their dandelions blow into our yard and set up shop. Arg!

    Ok, anyway, :) any bites on the house yet?

  3. Nothing yet. Someone is coming back tomorrow for a second look. Surely that's a good sign, right?

  4. Oh, the stress of having the house on the market! I will keep you in my prayers that it sells soon.

    Big hugs!! xoxoxo


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