Thursday, April 2, 2009

He's a studious little guy

Snowflake has been renamed to Buddy. The boys seemed to think Snowflake was a and I quote "cheesy name, Mom". So, since every time either of them had him in their clutches, they repeated, "Hey there little Buddy", he's become known as Buddy.

We've adapted a clear Rubbermaid tub with holes drilled into the side (half lid to deter the dogs) and a water bottle attached to the side for his home - in the boys' room.

Buddy loves to roam free in the basement while we're doing schoolwork though. Yesterday, he perched himself on the bookshelf. He just couldn't decide if he wanted to read the dictionary or the daily bible devotions so, he posed for a few photos instead. lol He's very photogenic, don't you think? ;)



  1. awwwww....Buddy to soooo cute, Gwen!!

  2. How big would you say he (he? she?) is?

  3. It is cute. Do you think there's a mama out there some place?


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